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Tina has been missed by many here on TBD. We lost her in 2012. She was a very positive person that touched many of our lives. I believe this was her last post on Journey group on fb on March 3, 2012:

I am a being facing the wind, finding my voice again
I am a being I am a being making amends, with myself, my family, my friends. old patterns I've broken, new promises I've spoken
I am a being who honors the soul in me, i value the truth and integrity; living life passionately
I am a being, an enduring, persistent, resilient, inspired and hopeful being,
I am a being, the creation of the great I AM, I am a being, I am alive and I am daily becoming the me I am meant to be.....Amen.....YOU ARE LOVED

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Young Tina

Tina with her friend Maggie

From her group Journey on fb:

and so, Here we walk a ways upon the Journey
Together as the truth would have it so
Some will come to gather,
sadly...some will go
But here we are together, as we journey on
some will lead and some will follow
some silent, some in song
Does it matter where we're dancing
If together we have danced
Is it color, faith or promise
Or a wonderful, lent chance
My life has been a journey,
of many different leads
I wish to die in fields of flowers
hair blowing in the breeze
I have a love of mountains,
of spirits live and well
I have a love for you my friends
we have stories yet to tell....
So come upon this journey
walk a ways with me
be it long or be it short
Together we shall see....

Tina and Sue

One of my favorite new quotes (new to me, that is), and it comes to mind when I think of all my TBD friends:
"We're all just walking each other home" - Ram Dass

RIP, Tina.




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