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Stephen, only God knows why He called you home on Monday (9/2). We are so saddened with your loss. You were a dear husband of 48 years, a loving father and grandfather. We will always love and cherish you in our hearts and in the special memories you gave us. Bandit misses his walking partner.

He was member of Restless Nights on Eons and TBD.

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Sorry to hear of your loss. I do not remember him.

I do not remember that group on Eons.

I wish Eons had  not done the chicken out thing and not allow  people to at least get an e-mail address (IF THEY WANTED) from other members. 

Many people on Eons were shut ins or really alone  with few real life friends and enjoyed talking to others...Some of us X-Eons at least got to the real world whereas many did not.

I am so sorry for your loss.  The words sound trite but they are heart felt.  May the memories become sweeter and the tears less bitter.  Those memories will be treasures forever yours.  Although our loved ones are far away the love never dies.


RIP, Stephen Brown.

Steve was so incredibly active...he and his beloved dog. Even though he had health issues, his death shocked and saddened me and all of us at Boomerville. Rest in Paradise Steve.




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