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i found out just a week ago that my high school sweetheart named Joshua Dwayne Hartsock died almost 4 years ago March 2015 even though it has been that long i have just found out just recently Josh was just only 36 when he passed away.  i have been in mourning been thinking of him a lot Josh has made a tremendous impact in my life if it had not been for him me and my Jerry would not be together today. part of my heart will always belong to Josh i love and miss him dearly. 

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I am so sorry for your loss.  It is always hard to lose special people.  I hope the memories are sweet


thank you the vast majority of them are

I am so sorry for your loss.

thank you 

Your loss started at the time you learned of it.  I understand.  For years I wondered how my grade school boyfriend Bobby was and what kind of a man he grew up to be.  We were friends for more than three years in school until my parents moved us away and I never saw him again.  I never forgot him, though and when I went away to college I met someone who knew him in high school and so I knew he had been a successful student then.  Years went by and I was able to see his high school annual online, so I knew he was an athlete and a good student.  In my work, I used the internet for research and learned how to trace people.  One day I decided to used my research skills to find Bobby today.  I found that he had died at age 21.  That's all.  No other information.  That is when I started my mourning.  I am 74 now, but in my memory Bobby will never be older than 9.  And in this world he never got older than 21.

it is very sad but thank you for sharing your story Josh he pretty much opened the door for me to what love, relationships, sex and emotional hurt was all about and forever i am grateful to him and if it had not been for Josh me and my current boyfriend Jerry would not be together today. one thing about your first love you never forget and they will always remain in our hearts forever. 




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