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On Friday morning, April 26, 2013, Mary left this earth for what i trust will be a better place.  She's waited 6+ months for Medicaid coverage, but by then was too sick to recover from heart valve replacement surgery.  she fought valiantly for 10 weeks, in and out of ICU at Medical University of South Carolina -- 2 hours from home, so she had no visitors for that time, either.  If heaven is real, i know she'll be welcomed there.

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Yes Lynn heavens gates are open for our dear friend. I will miss the sista of my heart so much. She fought a long battle but it was time for her to go home. Gone but not forgotten.♥♥

you're right, Gwen, she'd fought long enough, it was time to let go. 

still, i know you understand, a little piece of my heart went with her.

all the more reason i'm gonna' find a way to see you IRL, remaining sista of my heart!

my heartfelt condolences

thank you

Rest in peace, Mary.

thank you, Goldilocks.  I continue to hold you in my thoughts....

Thank you, Lynn.

This came as very sad news to me.  I remember Mary as being very much alive.  Now I will remember her in my prayers.

many of us will remember her always.

the most frustrating thing of all, to me, is that if she'd had health insurance, i believe she'd still be alive because she'd have gotten the surgery she needed before she became too ill to endure it.  still, she held on for 10 weeks after surgery, thru one complication and then another and another.

take good care, my friend.




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