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I'll start.

How such brilliant feats of engineering get overlooked is unbelievable. 

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Me, too!
Red Green, among others, would approve!
Yep, I believe you've mentioned this application before, Kooner.  Thanks for the visual.
I'm a great appreciator of cobbling up, er, I mean, engineering stuff to make life easier.  Maybe I can get some pics tomorrow.

Take advantage of Supermarket money saving specials.

A redneck portable grill!  I like it!

A see-saw to go with that grill...


Glad to hear it, Kooner!  ;-)
Hey!  Has someone hacked my computer files, and grabbed one of my home photos?  ;-0
It was ex-Congressman Weiner.

I don't know, but this guy seems pretty tech savy about electronic devices.

It may have been him.




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