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Last night I built a campfire on the patio, and had the neighbors across the street, and their friends from a couple of blocks away, come sit a while.  They are weekenders....coming up here maybe once or twice a month.  Drinks were consumed.

Here's what the campfire looked like when I first got it going.


Two LaBatt Blues, three Strohs, three LaBatt Lites, and one Bud Tallboy later, this is what the fire looked like.

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That's only 3 1/2 hours from us. Maybe d & I will ride his Ducati up to visit you. Are there places to pitch a tent?
I'll check.
I've been drinking alcohol fast to chase away the blues. It's working so far, but I figure I need to set myself a time limit on using that as a coping skill. I'm too busy to need to start hitting the walls of 12 step rooms regularly. I'm giving myself thru Friday. I'm thinking those new s'mores have a longer shelf life than fast over-drinking.
Kooner, you're my new bff!  I love chocolate, coconut ice cream!  Wow. . . it is to die for!!

Stir???? What happened?  How did the girl cooties get so deep?

Ut Oh! am I  in trouble again?

Yes, I have!  My favorite is from Penn State's Creamery.  Handmade.  Mmmmmm.  I've had it here at a couple different places, but it's just not the same as the Creamery.  Theirs is coconut (with real coconut) and chocolate chips.  I'll share!
Thanks Kooner, I need to check that out!  Healthy ice cream. . . I like it.

I love a campfire...thanks for the invitation. Had to shoot the light out on the neighboring church to keep it out of our eyes when having campfires in my backyard. Not really. Do you have sticks for making s'mores, or should I bring mine?

I think I have one s'more maker.....just no raw materials add to it!  LOL!
I'll stop at Tom's.


We have a small business building behind us with a ridiculous amount of bright lights. Two of them mysteriously stopped working...

Kazoogal is a real life friend of mine who can lend credence to my ramblings about The Leelanau, and some of the places I frequent.




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