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OK, this may be a stretch, but bear with me.....I know Dirty Dancing took place at a resort, but they probably had campfires, right?

Beyond that, Guy Humor takes over, from the slightly atilt mind of Stir.

Hey, I can think about lascivious dancing while getting all smokey sitting around a campfire.

Nobody puts Stir in a corner!

<iframe width="475" height="385" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/aCioEEHmHA0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

There's a classic!  Even us Yankee tenderfoot types can identify.

Not all Yankees, I've never heard this before.



Miss Q......Are you serious???!! You've never heard Red River Valley!

Bless your heart.....you really have been deprived.

I've always liked red River Valley, even though I'm not a Southerner.

As a kid, we did campfires a lot.  Thanks Bob, this is one I remember well.
I might bring this guy with me. Not only will he bring class to our campfire, he's been known to carry extra marshmallows in his pocket .
Well, uh, thanks Jack....I'll turn this guy loose when I want everybody to leave!




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