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Seven percent of American still think the Moon landings were faked. Well, it was not and if you think it was, here is a video that will help you logically think it through.

Here a link to the Space.com article: Not Faked

Be sure to read the user comments, some of them are funny. :-)

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The fat lady proved the earth was flat when she sang...

Well, okay.  But that latest Kardashian wedding was fake, right?

We wish...

Hmmmm? That is a funny and sarcastic put down of those non-believers. If you are one of those, who don't believe the Moon landings happened, I apologize for offending you. :-)

I totally agree, but that video is still funny, at least to a Technology Nut like me. :-)

The Moon...?  We went to the Moon...! Which one...?

:D  :D  :D, Dennis, good one!  (And now that I think about it, didn't one of the Miss America contestants say that once?  No wait, I bet it was the Miss *Universe* pageant, hahahhahaha ;-)

...and I bet she's a missus by now and breeding. 




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