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Looks like Dark Matter may be more tangible than I thought.  The newer cosmic ray band-width telescopes show all galaxies in the Universe intertwined together with observable filaments like a giant spider web.  These filaments could only be what they are calling "Dark Matter".  I wonder what it is???

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The Gurus' are still calling it "gravity".  To me it's more like "glue".

Looks like refraction is more fun than Physics. :-)

I'm concerned about science accepting theories as fact. They've gone over the edge with dark matter. When you base an idea on something that is possibly incorrect, every idea afterwards is wrong. Theoretical Astrophysicists need to base their theories on facts, at least that's what my intergalactic friends have told me. :)

Facts are what created the concept of dark matter in the first place.  

And so far the predictions of Quantum Mechanics Standard Model Mathematics have turned out to be true.  I bet your intergalactic friends don't know that little fact lol...

Remember the God Particle?


Perhaps I am nit picking here, but I have become vary wary of the word "fact" in discussions like this.  I believe the logic of certain debates gets muddled by the confusion of two distinct meanings of the word.  In this context, as it is most of the time, I believe we are to understand a fact as some piece of knowledge which is undeniably true.  Now I am enough of a skeptic to wonder sometimes if there is any such thing as an unassailable truth, however that is for a different discussion.

But in the sciences, a fact can also be understood as nothing more than a data point; an observation or better yet a measurement with a numerical value.  In this respect a fact has no intrinsic meaning in and of itself and may not even necessarily be true.  Many errors can occur in the gathering of facts as such.  This is why it is so important in the sciences for observations to be repeatable and confirmed by others.  These sort of facts have meaning only in the context of an explanation, (known as a theory) that unites the facts, (as many and as diverse as possible) in a consistent manner.

I honed this argument in debates with creationists over whether evolution is a fact or a theory. It is a highly successful theory because it is an internally consistent explanation for a massive body of facts - the observations that are unified by the theory.  No higher status can be achieved in the sciences.  It is also nigh onto being an unassailable truth, so long as the facts (data/observations) are objectively considered.  The theory of dark matter does not have the centuries old pedigree of evolution, but it is becoming similarly solidified by a large number of facts (observations) from an impressively diverse group of scientific disciplines from particle physics to cosmology.

According to the Institute Of Incomplete Information, 9 out of every 10.




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