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Closest Earth-like planet awaits discovery

Houston Chronicle and Associate Press | February 9, 2013

An artist concept of Earth like with two moons. Photo: David A. Aguilar, HONS / Harvard-Smithsonian Center

"CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Earth-like worlds might be closer and more plentiful than anyone imagined.

Astronomers reported last week that the nearest Earth-like planet might be just 13 light-years away . . . "

For complete article. See link: Earth Like Planets

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Earth like planets may be in our backyard. We need to start more research and development  of power systems for interstellar space flight. The secret to exploring the stars is in harnessing the incredible amount of power that will be required for star flight. 

Note: I said star flight instead of "faster than light" flight. Must of us know that "FTL" flight is not possible, so we are going to have to find a way around this little problem.

Now go tell your grand and/or great grand kids ( nieces and nephews included ) to hit those math and science books. :-)

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13 1/2 years there 13 1/2 years back...27 years around trip, means you need some kind of sleeping chamber...

Until we figure out how to jump from point A to Point B..in 60 seconds...LOL

I think we will be able do it about 75 - 200 years. Sleeper or Generational space ships are just to slow.

Great post, Dragao; thanks.  (And where do you always find such cool pics?  They"re beautiful!)

Thank you! That photo is an enhanced version of the photo from the article, that I found on Google Images. I find most of my images on Google.




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