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The Apprentice returns in its original form [NBC, 9 p.m.] with a two-hour premiere that will feature candidates who have lost their jobs—or can’t find jobs—because of the economy. Donald Trump will probably still yell at them, though, thankfully.

Begins Thursday September 16th


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I love this time of year when the greats of RTV come out to entertain!!!!!

Glad Apprentice is back to it's original format. Also, looking forward to AR, Survivor AND Next Iron Chef!!!!

I could not get over just how fast and ugly the women got before they found out WHO ACTUALLY LOST THE CHALLENGE!! This season is going to be brutal and instead of phoenixes rising from the ashes, they are going to go down in flames.
The problem I have with this show is that they play to not-lose. No one plays to win. So they spend most of their time with covering themselves and figuring ways not to get fired rather than figuring out ways to succeed. And if the entire season means that the losing project manager gets the boot then it’s way too predictable and boring.
The show overplayed it recession theme a bit—Trump pretending that his reality show is going to have an impact on the economy is the most laughable, and the constant reminders that the candidates are “unemployed” or “struggling” is unnecessary—but really what matters is that the producers found a bunch of type-A people with strong, cocky personalities and some baffling incompetence. Hell, there was almost a fight between two idiot alpha males, and there was the predictable trouble with leadership.

While I still love the celebrity edition for the way it exposes well-known people for who the really are, but watching regular people tackle difficult tasks is just as entertaining. It was nice to not have a first task that involved selling (though that’ll be the second task). Instead, the teams had to design an office space from scratch. Of course they did a horrible job, and the show even had to break the fourth wall to show a crew member trip and fall over a rug in the men’s space.




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