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I had to put this up (surprised it wasn't here already!)


Despite having merged, Ometepe’s members are sticking together and staying loyal to their cult leader, Rob Mariano, who has fed them so much Kool-Aid they didn’t even eat fish the other tribe members caught. Their alliance, as we learned from a hilarious Phillip speech at the second Tribal Council, is called “Stealth ‘R’ Us”.

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I really didn't know how to do an intro page for this, but you guys understand... :)


I'm so ready for this week's show! Philip looks like he''s gonna come off as some sort of 'loon' and it's gonna be fun! But I have a feeling that some folks will be ticked off with the 'race card' being called.


Now before ya'll start diving in, let me be a little clearer....personally, I could care less about it, but I love seeing both sides of the issue throw down!!!!

No it isn't....your post is busted! hehehehehehe....


Seriously....it's cool. Personally, with the way they edit things, this may not be what we think. But it's a kick to see Phillip (Philite according to Man-Sweater) go flying off the handle, ranting and raving about some nonsense that may not pertain to the actual event.


See ya after the show...

I <3 U Zenbastard! LOL!!!

i'm sooooooooooooooooooo glad they voted horseface to Redemp. Even tho' I think you were right with stating that it would basically be taken out of context (editing). Who knows what was really said to make Phil(e) go off like that because of the edit.


But the bottom line is that 'The 6' stayed together.


Your post is fine Smokey! As long as there's a jumping off point, you're good!


I think this group is pretty savvy  when it comes to this kind of issue. If someone wants to harp on it, so be it! But we all know that the convo's here are a not just on one subject alone!

Great job Smokey!

Had to feature this for you Smokes!!!!!


I will never get over the fact that Boston Rob convinced everyone to name their tribe for Amber's stuffed animal. That guy is brilliant.

Oh, for goodness sake...Phillip is working his crazy a little too hard for it to be strictly strategy. He’s long jumped over the line right now and with his "rice wars" he is causing so much conflict around camp that he’s getting under everyone’s skin. I mean, things have to be pretty bad if we’re seeing Julie channel her inner Russell by stealing Phillip’s shorts right off the line and burying them. Really Julie? You condemned Russell for his devious antics and when push comes to shove you end up playing the same childish game. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones..or I should say, people in Survivor shouldn’t throw challenges.

Phillip’s tragic flaw may be his over-indulging of his inner savage. He’s forgotten he’s playing a game in which he has to secure the votes of his fellow tribesman in order to win the million dollar prize at the end. And now, he may have gone a little too overboard with his lunacy for anyone to keep him around to the end. Even Rob, who originally wanted to keep Phillip as his final goat, seems ready to let the man go.

“One man should not have this much power on the island.” Rob’s been here before, he’s the only one who knows what it’s like to hit the threshold of day 26 Survivor and he’s staying strong and focused. He’s got his eye on the prize and I think he may be the only one playing to win right now.

But that's just me.
Matt is holding on to his faith, but it is so hard for me to watch him break. He’s been holding down the fort alone on Redemption for the majority of the past 26 days. Survivor puts your mind, body and spirit through your toughest tests. The game takes you to your lowest lows and highest highs. Matt’s being tested now and we’ll see if he can regain his strength and spirit in the game. I’m rooting for Matt. He’s shown some serious determination and will power. He could have easily given up on the house of cards challenge and gone out to ponderosa for some home cooked mac and cheese, but he stayed focused and lives to see another day at Redemption. He’s pretty badass in my book. Steve and Ralph are next in line for execution and, once these two are gone, the game should get much more interesting.
I thought it was really smart of Julie to take Phillip's pants... she was causing another freak out right when she wanted everyone to see what a loose cannon he is.

Then, like an idiot, she proudly admitted it. If she had just played it cool, kept her secret and let everyone focus on Phillip's multiple freak outs and how difficult he is to live with, maybe he'd be gone and she'd still be there.
I have to say I was very impressed by how Probst handled this situation. He could have easily fanned the flames, trying to incite some bad blood in the hopes of making good TV. But he didn't. After Phillip explained why Steve calling him crazy was the equivalent of calling him the N-word, Probst asked for clarification. Phillip talked about growing up African-American and watching his father be called boy back in 1968. He talked about how a white person cannot know what it is like to walk in his shoes.

Probst took in what he said, the experiences he'd had in the past, and why he might construe Steve's words in the way he did. And he also asked Phillip to consider that while he may have legitimate reasons for being sensitive to certain name-calling, he can’t automatically assume that was Steve's intent with the comment. Race is such a tricky issue. You want to respect a person's history and outlook while avoiding unfair assumptions being made about others due to past experiences that didn't involve them. Again, I think Probst was in a really tricky spot and did a swell job of allowing the situation to be addressed (and ultimately defused) without allowing it to get to ugly levels. And as a bonus, he even got Julie to admit to burying Phillip's bathing suit!
As a black woman, I understand what Phil means by "sometimes you just know" when someone is saying something racist (or sexist), even when it is not blatant. However, Steve is not the first to call Phil crazy and even Phill has joked about himself in this way. To me, this fight was about Phil feeling entitled to get his way. Also, Phil loves attention. Everything he does is for attention (his rants, stories, use of the n-word). Denying him the attention he craves is the only way to shut him up.
Did you see Boston Rob willing his body past the breaking point to win an immunity challenge, then immediately collapsing in a mix of emotional victory and physical agony? Badass.

If what you want in a Survivor contestant is someone that goes all-out all the time and plays every aspect of the game as hard as possible, then it doesn't get much better than Boston Rob. It's not his fault that no one else has stepped up to challenge him and this entire season has been the path of least resistance. He came to play — socially, strategically, and physically. He plays so hard that he collapsed for the second straight season. This time wasn't quite as scary as his Heroes vs Villains black-out where a flu bug wreaked havoc on his body, but it still showed what a badass this guy is.




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