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This marks the 24th (yes 24!) season of the reality competition series that has launched many others.

The biggest change this season is that both tribes will live together at the same camp. The show tried this format briefly during a fake merge on Survivor: Thailand, but this will be the first time two separate tribes have coexisted for an extended period of time. The season will also mark a return to the battle of the sexes format of Survivor: The Amazon and Survivor: Vanuatu with one tribe (Manono) being all men and the other tribe (Salani) being all women.

There's a huge twist for the first challenge this season, and there will be no Redemption Island safety net this time around. IT'S GONE!!!!!!

The way hidden immunity idols are played will also be different in season 24. This time, there will be two idols hidden at the camp — one for each tribe — but finding your tribe’s idol does not guarantee your safety. Instead, as Probst explains, “When you find the idol, you can’t use it for yourself. You have to give it to someone from the other tribe.” The trick will be picking the right person to give it to, and perhaps getting concessions in return — not to mention lobbying for the other team’s idol once someone finds it.

As for the contestants, early attention will surely be on Leif Manson, Survivor’s first little person.

Of course, no Survivor is complete without a villain, and Probst says this season’s baddie comes in the form of gay Republican Colton Cumbie.

The new cast of Survivor: One World:

Nina Acosta, Retired LAPD Officer--Clovis, Calif. ; Age: 51

Jay Byars, Model--Gaffney, S.C.; Age: 25

Christina Cha, Career Consultant--West Hollywood, Calif.; Age: 29

Monica Culpepper, Ex-NFL Player’s Wife--Tampa, Fla.; Age: 41

Colton Cumbie, College Student--Monroeville, Ala.; Age: 21

Kat Edorsson, Timeshare Rep--Orlando, Fla.; Age: 22

Michael Jefferson, Banker--Seattle, Wash.; Age: 30

Leif Manson, Phlebotomist--San Diego, Calif.; Age: 27

Chelsea Meissner, Medical Sales--Charleston, S.C.; Age: 26

Kourtney Moon, Motorcycle Repair--Austin, Texas; Age: 29

Jonas Otsuji, Sushi Chef--Lehi, Utah; Age: 37

Bill Posley, Stand-Up Comedian--Venice, Calif.; Age: 28

Matt Quinlan, Attorney--San Francisco, Calif.; Age: 33

Alicia Rosa, Special Ed Teacher--Chicago, Ill.; Age: 25

Troy Robertson, Swimsuit Photographer--Miami, Fla.; Age: 50

Greg Smith, Plastic Surgeon--Houston, Texas; Age: 64

Kim Spradlin, Bridal Shop Owner--San Antonio, Texas; Age: 29

Sabrina Thompson, High SchoolTeacher--Brooklyn, N.Y.; Age: 33

Survivor: One World" will premiere Wednesday, Feb, 15 at 8 p.m.

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This season sounds more promising. I barely got thru last season...

Ok, where is everyone now?? LOL!!! Got all the emails from you guys and thought this group would be nuts by now! How's everyone liking Colton??? HA!

I need a villain in Survivor in order to watch it.


If rolling hysterically during the IC at Colton a) “running” through the water and b) screaming “Help me!!” at the top of his lungs makes me a bad person, well, I can own it. Because I did.

Honestly. Bitching nonstop about his tribe being useless while he lies around and does nothing to help…well, I’m already over him. But I did predict as soon as they merged that he and Alicia would make an unholy alliance. I hate being right.

I had high hopes for Monica. Damn it. Oh, well, at least I can root against that tribe with a vengeance now that I have zero rooting interest in them.

Please, producers, for the love of all that is my unbleached eyes, give Tarzan a bathing suit that is not a banana hammock! Ye gods…

And next week Colton looks to resume the Odious Prince role. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to that. Almost as much as I would jungle rot.

Finally, the Salani immunity idol is, in my mind, now Crotch Idol.

Yeah, pretty much this. I was torn about rooting against them, but Monica's gone and I like Christina OK, but she's too gullible for this game.

We have movment!!!! Excellent!

I can't stand Colton, of course, but that's a given. Alicia's a close second, and I can't wait to see the look on her face as she realises that she got played. Had she been willing to put aside her blinding hatred for Christina, the two of them plus Monica could have grabbed Jonas or Leif. Oh, well - sucks for Alicia.




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