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It seems like we just crowned a winner of "Survivor" - Fayetteville resident Sandra Diaz-Twine. Well,  folks, get ready for a new season of manipulation in the wilderness. And yet again, we have a   contestant with ties to the Cape Fear region. Jane Hammett-Bright is a dog trainer and breeder who  lives in the Moore County town of Jackson Springs. She's feisty and competitive, and she's not  letting  the fact that she's the oldest female castaway deter her from playing the game hard. She told me in a  pre-show interview that she's used to the elements, running around and dealing with different  personalities. At least that's what it's like in the world of dog shows. This season's twists feature tribes  divided by age and a "medallion of power." The medallion, as you would imagine, is something teams  will fight for to get an edge in immunity challenges. 8 p.m. CBS Wednesdays

The Espada tribe (over 40s) and the La Flor tribe (under 30s) will compete:

Jill Behm
, Age: 43
Occupation: ER Doctor
Current Residence: Erie, Penn.

Jane Bright, Age: 56
Occupation: Dog Trainer
Current Residence: Jackson Spring, N.C.

Tyrone Davis Age: 42
Occupation: Fire Captain
Current Residence: Inglewood, Calif.

Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff, Age: 48
Occupation: Goat Rancher/Retired Army Officer
Current Residence: Fromberg, Mont.

Holly Hoffman, Age: 44
Occupation: Swim Coach
Current Residence: Eureka, S.D.

Jimmy Johnson, Age: 67
Occupation: TV Sports Broadcaster/Former Football Coach
Current Residence: Islamorada, Fla

Dan Lembo, Age: 63
Occupation: Real Estate Executive
Current Residence: Water Mill, N.Y.

Marty Piombo, Age: 48
Occupation: Technology Executive
Current Residence: Mill Valley, Calif.

Yve Rojas, Age: 41
Occupation: Homemaker
Current Residence: Kansas City, Mo.

Jimmy Tarantino, Age: 48
Occupation: Commercial Fisherman
Current Residence: Gloucester, Mass.

Judson Birza,
Age: 21
Occupation: Student
Current Residence: Venice, Calif.

Kelly Bruno, Age: 26
Occupation: Medical Student
Current Residence: Durham, N.C.

Shannon Elkins, Age: 30
Occupation: Pest Control Co. Owner
Current Residence: Lafayette, La.

Ben "Benry" Henry, Age: 24
Occupation: Club Promoter
Current residence: Los Angeles, Calif.

Matthew "Sash" Lenaham, Age: 30
Occupation: Real Estate Broker
Current Residence: New York, N.Y.

Brenda Lowe, Age: 27
Occupation: Paddleboard Co. Owner/Ex-NFL Cheerleader
Current Residence: Miami, Fla.

NaOnka Mixon, Age: 27
Occupation: Physical Education Teacher
Current Residence: Los Angeles, Calif.

Chase Rice, Age: 24
Occupation:  Pro Race Car Jackman/Singer
Current Residence: Charlotte, N.C.

Kelly Shinn, Age: 20
Occupation: Nursing Student
Current Residence: Mesa, Ariz.

Alina Wilson, Age: 23
Occupation: Art Student
Current residence: Downey, Calif

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Actually, as always, I'm looking forward to tonight. Besides, this "Medallion of Power" intrigues me....
The avatar is kick-ass...

And I agree with you on the MoP.
After a season of All-Stars it is nice to get a new bumper crop of castaways to cleanse our palate of the Russells and Robs of the world. This season definitely has its share of characters. Without giving too much away here is a quick look into a few new castaways.

On La Flor, look out for Jud, aka Fabio, who may be the ditziest character the show has ever seen and Kelly B. who reveals a personal secret that could affect the tribe.

On Espada it is a battle between two Jimmy's: Jimmy Johnson and Jimmy Tarintino. Jimmy J. is a well known former NFL coach as well as the second oldest contestant ever to play the game. Jimmy T. is a fisherman with a serious attitude who won an online contest in order to be on the show. Jimmy J. is instantly likable, even if you are not a Cowboys fan (like me). Jimmy T. comes off as, well, off.
I'm looking forward to this season too. I'm torn about Jimmy J., my first thought is why would he need a million bucks? But hey if he's a strong player maybe I'd keep him around for a while then go after him later. I'm pulling for the oldies since I guess I fall into that group, grumble grumble. LOL

Just heard about that "medallian of Power" hopefully that will add some interesting things to the competition.

I'm gonna try to keep up in here this season too. I've been a slacker lately :)
I'm definitely rooting for the Espada tribe. And I like Jimmy J! He is what he is!

Big props to Jane for using glasses to make fire. Contestants have become more adept at this over the years, but you still would be shocked to learn how many people — knowing they are going to appear on the show — still make zero effort to teach themselves how to create a flame. Still, doing it without flint is not easy in the least. I'm always impressed when someone succeeds, and I'm impressed with Jane.

Another contestant that impressed me was Kelly B. the amputee. (Hey, that rhymes! Insensitive?) I really enjoyed my chat with her pre-game, and she was working just as hard and just as efficiently as everyone else at camp when I was out there. Although she certainly didn't have everyone fooled with the phony leg.
Survivor! It's GO TIME!

The Medallion of Power. When Probst first mentioned the twist to me, I honestly thought he was joking. Seriously, I was sure he was punking my ass for all those times I made fun of his hat and/or sunglasses. I mean, c'mon, it sounds like the title of a freakin' Dokken album, for crying out loud! And then, when I rewatched the episode at home on television, it was so cheesy that I could swear when he said it that a small pool of Velveeta began congealing under my TV set. Which is why henceforth this twist shall be refereed to as the Medallion of Velveeta. I promise you, I am not trying to be a negative Nancy, but I have serious concerns about the Medallion of Velveeta...

I do like it when they force teams to make decisions during a challenge (I keep lobbying — unsuccessfully, I might add — for them to start putting hidden immunity idols into immunity challenges, so contestants must choose whether to play for the team or play for themselves by splitting off to go dig/search for an HII instead), but I honestly don't see the upside of this one. If a tribe uses it, then we don't have a fair match and it is less fun to watch. If a tribe does not use it, then, well, what's the point, other than to have a few typical second-guessing sound bites? Not sold on the Medallion of Velveeta. Hope that I'm wrong. Don't think that I am.
Alina and Kelly B. getting the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol was a bit random, wasn't it? I liked it when people were sent to Exile Island but got a clue to the HII because it made people strategize as to whom to send there. I was fine with people scoring clues as part of a small group reward challenge because at least they earned the clue by winning the competition. But I'm less crazy about it coming completely down to luck with people stumbling across them in a toolbox, or, in this case, sitting on top of a water barrel. No skill. No strategy. Just blind luck. At that point, why not just do eeny meny miny moe? It's simply too random for my taste.

You know what I do like? The new Immunity Idol! That little pint-sized mini conquistador? Dude is a PIMP! Central America style, baby! I would go as far to say that that is the most stylin' and profilin' immunity idol in Survivor history. He's kinda like those goofy Travelocity gnomes that keep popping up on the Amazing Race, only about 5000 percent more badass.
That new immunity idol is like a cross between the Travelocity gnome and Russell Hantz. It is hilarious!!
As a Patriots fan, I don't have a great deal of love for JJ either - but I have to give him credit for being the first person to actually strategize from day one (although it's not surprising). Don't worry about alliances, and who is likable - keep the strong players so that you can go into the merge as strong as possible, then once merged vote out the strong players. Teams that turn Tribal Council into a popularity contest end up in the minority at the merge.
My opinions haven't really been formed on the cast members yet. Everyone gets a pass for now. For the most part, everyone was on their best behavior trying not to ruffle too many feathers. The tribe found out that Kelly B. has an artificial leg and predictably were kind to her face but ready to throw her under the bus. They are worried that if she made it to the end she would win because of the dreaded "sympathy vote." However, she found a clue to the hidden immunity idol, so she might be safe if she finds it.
The debut of Survivor Nicaragua brought everything we’ve come to expect from the show: awesome visuals, a relatively strong—and new—challenge, blurred boxer-briefed bulges, and Jeff doing the cold open from the middle of the ocean atop a rock phallus. One thing was off, though: the cast! LOL!!!
Things that were not as awful as I thought they would be:

Medallion of Power. That might actually work to make the game a bit more strategic. I bet the oldsters use it in the next immunity challenge.

Hidden Immunity Idol. At least Russell didn't find it right away. (Oh, that's right Russell isn't in this season.)

Immunity Challenge. Not too bad. Obviously designed to give the older tribe at least a shot at wining.

What I didn't like:

I'm tired of the puzzles. We've seen too many put them together puzzles.
What's the situation with water? Were they given water to start?
No one seemed very concerned about food - is there something we don't know?




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