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Break out the earplugs: Judge Mary Murphy is back! For its eighth season, the venerable dance-capade will return to the format of 20 finalists hoofing it together, and bring back the “all-star” partners once the contestants are cut down to a top 10.



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I'm keepin up with it all too Max, and I believe you! LOL!!!! Not that the other's don't...just don't want the heartbreak!!!!!

Kent Boyd, (00last years runner-up), picked Alex up at the airport in LA a couple of weeks ago. Recently, Alex was asking for recommendations for a physical therapist in LA. It sounds like he is sticking around! That means that he could show up on the show at some point this season! Maybe they will let him be an all-star, maybe they will just bring him and Twitch back on for a special encore of their hip hop routine from last year! THAT I would tune into see!

Keep us posted Max!!!!



Will be the greatest daancer in the history of SYTYCD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe how good everybody is tonight! Those first 4 numbers!  Just brilliant! This is definitely the best season ever!!
I thought Wadi was phenomenal - even before he started bending the rules of gravity. Jess also gave the impression that he could do just about anything. I'm not sure where this concept about his arrogance comes from but I'm not picking up on it. All in all, I was pretty blown away by the performances. The only ones that didn't thrill me were Ashley & Chris and Miranda & Robert but I think that might be more about style and choreography than about talent. It seems like it's going to be a great season!
It's such a solid group of dancers, I think it's hard to say who deserved to go home after one week. However, if I had to pick I would have sent Robert and Jordan home. Robert's stage personality could be his greatest strength but he's allowed his gimmicks and quirks to become grating. Jordan over-sexes every element of her dance and lacks depth because of it. For those reasons, I feel that the show could stand to lose them. That being said, I'm happy to see all 20 next week, hopefully improved.
I might get flak for this but... I totally hated the Legion of Extradordinary blah blah guy. His dances aren't that great, I say that they stick to NappyTabs for hip hop. Mark my words, when he choreographs, the dancers will definitely be in the bottom next week.

I like how the producers always put their favorites in the front. Being sarcastic. I'm not on the Ryan Tamale Train. Melanie is good, but let's see her do something other than contemporary. Sasha, eh, I'm still reeling from the pimping her and her sister got.
Ah Debbie Reynolds. So adorable. I want to take her home to my house. I am sure that since she forgave Liz Taylor for stealing her nebbish husband she will forgive me my snark. Nigel must have taken a damaged page from Idol by asking the judges to hold back almost all criticsm because they were just too nice for the second week. I did not like Ricky and Ryan (well Ryan really). The smile didn't bother me last week but this week it was anything but sexy.. I just couldn't get into it. And they need to get a stronger glue. Also, Cat is the greatest and so lovely but I did not care for her frock or her look last night.
I thought Wadi's solo was the weakest of the guys. Except for the end trick, it wasn't anything special and had a lot of filler. Once Rickey went it was clear he was the strongest of the night.

Ryan's solo was awful. It was all spinning and running around without actually dancing. It reminds me of when they saved Lauren in S3 after she spent 15 seconds taking off her jacket. I thought Iveta's solo was a little better than Missy's but would have been happy if either of them were saved instead of Ryan.
All-Stars were announced! Not unlike this season, it's a contemporary-heavy roster, including fan favorites include Melody (season 1); Allison (season 2); Pasha (season 3); Chelsie (season 4); Comfort (season 4); tWitch (season 4); Brandon (season 5); Kathryn (season 6); and Robert (season 7). Since Alex Wong tore his Achilles' tendon in an audition, there is still a position open for a 10th All-Star.
I am broken hearted all over again about Alex Wong. After everything he's been through. And now he has to do it all over again. Please get well and heal 100% again. I, and everyone else, will pray that you can return next season and compete again on SYTYCD. We love you and miss you. And on a side note, how dare you cheat on us with a different show. Alex "Freakin" Wong will dance again!




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