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***The Bachelorette 6 [ABC, May 24 at 9, Mondays at 8]

***So You Think You Can Dance 7 [Fox, May 27 at 8, Tues. at 8 and Weds. at 9]

True Beauty 2 [ABC, May 31, Mondays at 10]

***Hell’s Kitchen 7 [Fox, June 1, Tuesdays at 8]

***America’s Got Talent 5 [NBC, June 1, Tuesdays at 8, Wednesdays at 9]

***Last Comic Standing 7 [NBC, June 7 at 8, Mondays at 9]

Work of Art: The Next Great Artist [Bravo, June 9 at 11, Wednesdays at 10]

The Fabulous Beekman Boys [Planet Green, June 16, Wednesdays at 9]

***Wipeout [ABC, June 22, Tuesdays at 8]

Boston Med [ABC, June 24, Thursdays at 10]

The Little Couple [TLC, June]

Man Shops Globe [Sundance Channel, June]

Masterchef [Fox, July 27, Tuesdays at 9]

Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp [VH1, July]

And YES! BB12 will be coming your way this summer!!!!!

Details soon!!!!!

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With AR, Survivor, AI, all coming off around the same time, at least I can catch my breath and hold on to one or two...
Can you feel it? Big Brother 12 is right around the corner!The new season starts July 8, 2010. Are you ready?!
There was a huge debate on whether they were going to bring back Last Comic. A lot of scandal happenin out there since season 2 with plants, and bogus voting. So hopefully this will be on the straight and narrow and we have an outstanding season this year!
Man I hope so, because the last time I really enjoyed the show was when Josh Blue won it all!

This dude is hilarious! He should be hosting this year!
Here's his website: http://www.joshblue.com/
Check it out!
Yeah, I remember this guy! I knew he would win it because he was miles ahead of his competition. No one was near as funny as he was.

I hope this season does turn out to be good. We need more comedians on the tube.
I remember him too!

Anyway, SYTYCD should be smoking tonight! I can't wait to see it! Also---looked at the list again and I see Hell's Kitchen !!





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