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Again? So soon??


Barely had enough time to digest last season. Oh well--


Sixteen new aspiring restaurateurs step up to the plate on the piping-hot new season of Hell's Kitchen. These culinary contenders will brave not only the heat, but also the sharp tongue of superstar chef Gordon Ramsay as they compete to win a life-changing prize in "Hell's Kitchen 8."

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What's going on??? These people are dangerous!All those knives that are being given out too????

What I want to know is, where is Jean-Phillipe? Anyone know? JP is one of the most entertaining aspects of HK. And I do think that these are by far the most clueless bunch that HK has ever presented. HATE the ghetto-wannabe child. But I LIKE hating her, so keep her long enough to self destruct. Raj HAS to be a dramatic plant. I mean.......really? That crazy?
I watch Iron Chef to be in awe of how chefs create. I watch Top Chef to learn cooking vocabulary. I watch Hell's Kitchen to laugh my ass off and feel better about MY cooking skills.


Not a huge fan of Nona, but I really think Russell does not have what it takes to make it far.

Goodbye Russell. I wouldn't hire the guy as a line cook. They're completely ignorant if they don't believe that Ramsay consults with the producers. He knows everything Russell said and did in the house. He knows how Russell tried to sabatoge other members of his team. He sees the footage, and that alone would make Ramsay sure enough to not offer Russell the job.

Russell was a poor sport. Instead of being "pissed" he should have congratulated Nona and been happy with how far he got. I'm sure he'll fair well, even if he didn't win, which he did not deserve anyhow.

I was cheering for Nona from the beginning. I thought she perfomred well the entire season and earned that win hands down.






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