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The pairings for the next edition of Dancing with the Stars were announced this morning on Good Morning America. They are:

1. Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol Palin — Mark Ballas

2. Former Hills star Audrina Patridge — Tony Dovolani

3. Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey — Derek Hough

4. Comedian Margaret Cho — Louis Van Amstel 

5. R&B star Brandy — Maksim Chmerkovskiy

6. America’s favorite mom Florence Henderson — Corky Ballas

7. Jersey Shore star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino — Karina Smirnoff

8. Former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner — Anna Trebunskaya

9. Former Laker Rick Fox — Cheryl Burke

10. Former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff — Kym Johnson

11. That’s So Raven actor Kyle Massey — Lacey Schwimmer

12. Singer Michael Bolton —Chelsie Hightower

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Ooh Derek and Jennifer Grey - that's going to be a tough match to beat!!
Seems a little weird to me...maybe I just need to see the hooks ups in action first! :)
Ok let's break it down--

Jennifer Grey — Derek Hough: Yep, she’s officially the early favorite. You know that part in Dirty Dancing when Baby giggles as Johnny raises her arm and runs his hand down the side of her body — that wasn’t scripted. Can’t wait to see her reaction to Derek’s sexy choreography.

Bristol Palin — Mark Ballas: Ballas is known for bringing young women out of their shells while keeping his choreography age-appropriate. It had to be him.

Brandy — Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Maks does well with fierce women. We look forward to the “Boy is Mine” paso doble.Derek and Jen may be America's fav, this pair is mine! Go Maks!

Margaret Cho — Louis Van Amstel: Exactly what we were hoping for: Funny ladies appreciate Louis’ unique view, and he enjoys challenging them and can take a joke.

Audrina Patridge — Tony Dovolani: A step up from Kate Gosselin, which he deserves. But doesn’t she feel like someone more for Alec Mazo?

Florence Henderson — Corky Ballas: You know Cloris Leachman has already stopped by rehearsal. Keep the cameras rolling!

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino — Karina Smirnoff: Sexy couple, if you’re into The Sitch. Their tans will look great together. (I think this one will be the worst of the bunch)

Kurt Warner — Anna Trebunskaya: She’s comfortable with athletes. But while Evan Lysacek and Jerry Rice took her to the finals, she wasn’t so lucky with Chuck Liddell.

Rick Fox — Cheryl Burke: He’s a fusion of the partners with whom she’s previously excelled: athletic (Emmitt Smith, Chad Ochocinco) and sexy (Cristián de la Fuente, Gilles Marini).

David Hasselhoff — Kym Johnson: Kim is not afraid to embrace the cheese (Jerry Springer, Penn Jillette), and he might have moves that rival Donny Osmond’s.

Kyle Massey — Lacey Schwimmer: She’s young and fun and not afraid to shake things up — a good match for a Disney star who raps.

Michael Bolton — Chelsie Hightower: With Bolton still looking hot (admit it), the age difference is actually sort of sexy. With Ty Murray, Louie Vito, and Jake Pavelka on her dance card, she knows how to handle men who are willing but stiff.

I still say Warner ftw...but I usually root for the older teams...
Even though anyone who’s seen “Jersey Shore” knows that Ronnie is the dancer of the bunch, I totally agree that The Situation will end up winning people over before it’s all said and done…
…and he’ll need to, because it feels like there are a LOT of people out there who hate Karina.
As sad as I am to admit it. I think Jennifer and Derek are the ones to beat. But I just can’t stand that the show give Derek the female dance partner that seems to have the most background in dance. I wish Jennifer was put with Maks or Tony, it would have been easier for me to root for her! I just can never root for Derek. . .
So true. I can’t stand Derek either. I wish they would have paired him with Margaret Cho or Florence Henderson – someone to take his self-inflated, enormous ego down a notch or two.
Audrina Patridge was not very good at all. Dancing reminded me a lot of Susan Lucci. Very stiff and robotic despite doing the steps right. It was like she trapped in a glass box. Boy, the hottest and Best couple is Brandy & MAKS!! (Woohoo!) Bristol Palin doesn't have the quick feet to go very far, plus she stopped a lot and waited for her cue. She looked clumsy. Also, the Hoff was funny to me.
Wanted to comment on M. Cho as well. She was doing wonderfully until she got silly. They seem to pair Louie with women with weight issues. I'm tired of hearing them whine about it and/or seeing them make clowns of themselves. Why don't they show the overweight men in such a degrading fashion? Otherwise, I'm a big fan of Margaret. Hope she takes the judge's criticism seriously and straightens up.
Jennifer Grey and Brandy are both headed to the finals, and Bristol Palin, The Situation, and the Hoff are treading water until their fans stop voting and send one of them home, potentially tonight. However, I fear that Margaret Cho may go first. She and Louis van Amstel tried to use her humor in the routine, but she’s funniest when she’s outrageous, not goofy, and the judges were too dense to see that her screw-ups were intentional and an attempt at comedy, and a creative one at that, because it both masks smaller screw-ups and shows that she’s having fun.
This might sound weird but, not too surprised the Hoff is gone, but Bristol was awful!

Swooned when I saw Daughtry....




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