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If you've never seen Big Brother, the basic premise is that 13 contestants live together in a house  where their every move is caught 24/7 by one of the many cameras and microphones placed throughout the house. The houseguests will compete in random competitions , eat a bit of slop and vote one another out. The last person standing come September wins $500,000.
As far as twists go (and you knew there'd be one, right?) will feature a secret saboteur. And the planted houseguest will receive his or her directions directly from the audience. The secret saboteur will be revealed to fans during the first live show on July 15th, but the houseguests will be left in the dark. This years guests are as follows:

Rachel, age 26- cocktail waitress
Kristen, age 24- boutique manager
Britney, age 22- hotel sales manager
Monet, age 24- model
Hayden, snowboarder, baseball player
Brendan, age 30- high school swim coach
Andrew, age 39- podiatrist, Orthodox Jew
Enzo, age 32- insurance adjuster (married)
Kathy , age 40, deputy sheriff
Annie, age 27- bartender
Matt, age 32, web designer
Lane, 24- oil rig salesman
Ragan, age 34- bow-tie wearing college professor

Big Brother premieres July 8th

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I tried to put my finger on as to why Enzo loves calling himself meow meow--then it dawned on me---

Tell me I'm wrong...

Hair, check. Goofy stare, check.

The only reason Enzo is staying is because he hasn’t ticked anybody off by winning anything. It’s ridiculous how they all of a sudden like Brendon and are turning on Matt who has carried them throughout the game.
Oh man...
LOL! I remember this meow meow...what a great comparison!


Oh god! I have got to stop checking in around lunchtime when you guys are on a roll....great call on the cat! And yeah Assassin, that looks like the mouth breather....needs floppy hair...
Hey! I love that cat!!! I haven't seen him in forever!!!!!
Holy hell you all be trippin'...
Great obs! LOL!!!

After the 1st live eviction, Matt is most likely going home. If Hayden wins 2nd HOH, I’m certain of Britney going home. Too early to see if Brendon will be in the final two. He needs to play to win, always. No one else wants to play hard.
I agree with ya all on Matt heading out. I think part of his downfall has been not thinking the rest of the brigade will plan something without him.

I'm not sure that if Brendan does not win the HOH that he won't be put up on the block and head out, I think the brigade would keep Brittany and/or Ragan over him.

Will there be a POV challenge tonight too?
Hey Rush!Welcome back!

Last night's episode of Big Brother was like being served a really big meal after a long period of hunger. You consume it too fast, and afterward, you're full and uncomfortable. The good news is that this Big Brother bloat also comes with benefits: We're down to our final five!
Ugh, so not happy with the results. Brendon was the only one worth rooting for; he always fights wicked hard to win competitions and is actually nice. At least Matt was a competitor as well. Now we're left with 3 Brigade members who have barely won any competitions up until this episode plus two meanies in the form of Britney and Ragan. They're STILL bashing Rachel and Brendon now? Do the five of them do anything except talk behind people's backs and insult them? Brendon especially wasn't even that bad.




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