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If you've never seen Big Brother, the basic premise is that 13 contestants live together in a house  where their every move is caught 24/7 by one of the many cameras and microphones placed throughout the house. The houseguests will compete in random competitions , eat a bit of slop and vote one another out. The last person standing come September wins $500,000.
As far as twists go (and you knew there'd be one, right?) will feature a secret saboteur. And the planted houseguest will receive his or her directions directly from the audience. The secret saboteur will be revealed to fans during the first live show on July 15th, but the houseguests will be left in the dark. This years guests are as follows:

Rachel, age 26- cocktail waitress
Kristen, age 24- boutique manager
Britney, age 22- hotel sales manager
Monet, age 24- model
Hayden, snowboarder, baseball player
Brendan, age 30- high school swim coach
Andrew, age 39- podiatrist, Orthodox Jew
Enzo, age 32- insurance adjuster (married)
Kathy , age 40, deputy sheriff
Annie, age 27- bartender
Matt, age 32, web designer
Lane, 24- oil rig salesman
Ragan, age 34- bow-tie wearing college professor

Big Brother premieres July 8th

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I firmly believe that the producers allowed/encouraged her to do the pretzel message so that Matt would then be forced to use the diamond veto, thus making shizz all the more dramatic.

I, for one, will miss Rachel. You just can’t bottle that brand of crazy.
I’m sure Matt will put up Kathy (he gets to use the veto AND choose the replacement – he even said so). Kathy will go home. So, when all is said and done, all of the girls in the house will have managed to be evicted, minus Britney. Only one guy has managed to be evicted – Andrew. The very first hotdog competition was clearly an omen for the way this season has turned out – no more buns!
Did I miss something or did Ragan throw Britney under the bus to Brendon? It was like he was speaking out of both sides of his mouth to Brendon and in the diary room. And this was after he told Britney he really loved her. Such a drama queen!
Ragan is so bitter. Please put him out of our misery next week.
No, please don’t bring Rachel back. When Matt uses the Diamond Power of Veto, would Brendon be able to put Ragan back on the hot seat, or is Ragan safe because he won Power of Veto? I don’t want Ragan gone. He, Britney, and Lane make for interesting TV. On the other hand, Kathy… could be sent packing and I wouldn’t miss her. I want to see the Brigade disintegrate.
I don’t see why Matt can’t put Ragan up again. Ragan’s already used his veto to get himself off; another was put up in his place. Ragan should be fair game now. That would be poetic justice to see Ragan evicted and sent to the jury house with Rachel.
Oh good lord! Britney has won the power of veto!

But we have a double eviction next week! That should be enough if Brendan is still there!

Was loving Ragan, but hatin' on him right now!
That was hardly exciting. I think everyone knew that Matt was putting up Kathy. That was an easy eviction. And yeah, the double eviction is what's gonna be the best. I wonder if the HGs know it's coming up.
Did Britney nominate the right people? Okay. I think Enzo was a fine choice and her excuse/reasoning (rather, Matt’s excuse/reasoning) that he’d never been on the block was perfect. But Brendan? The guy has no friends in the jury house except for Rachel and has no allies inside the house. Why vote him out? And even if you do want him out, back door him! Now a guy who’s proven himself to be a strong competitor will play for the power of veto. If she hadn’t put him up, he might not have played for the veto and every single other person would have used the veto, paving the way for the perfect back door scenario. Silly Britney. In the end, I’m hoping a brigade member goes home and I have to assume that Matt, the self-described “diabolical genius” will see that Enzo leaving (assuming he doesn’t win the veto) is the only wise move.
Britney constantly running to Matt for advice on who to put up and how to explain it away proved to me she has no game. Or at least no spine. Britney runs hot and cold for me. Sometimes I find her commentary hilarious. But as the game progresses, I’m convinced my original assessment of her character was correct. She’s shallow, she’s cruel and she’s all talk. She’s like some kind of terrible high school prom queen cliche.
Personally, I had nightmares of the tiara photo of Britney.

I told you once, I've told you twice: I HATE MATT!
...make it three now...




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