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If you've never seen Big Brother, the basic premise is that 13 contestants live together in a house  where their every move is caught 24/7 by one of the many cameras and microphones placed throughout the house. The houseguests will compete in random competitions , eat a bit of slop and vote one another out. The last person standing come September wins $500,000.
As far as twists go (and you knew there'd be one, right?) will feature a secret saboteur. And the planted houseguest will receive his or her directions directly from the audience. The secret saboteur will be revealed to fans during the first live show on July 15th, but the houseguests will be left in the dark. This years guests are as follows:

Rachel, age 26- cocktail waitress
Kristen, age 24- boutique manager
Britney, age 22- hotel sales manager
Monet, age 24- model
Hayden, snowboarder, baseball player
Brendan, age 30- high school swim coach
Andrew, age 39- podiatrist, Orthodox Jew
Enzo, age 32- insurance adjuster (married)
Kathy , age 40, deputy sheriff
Annie, age 27- bartender
Matt, age 32, web designer
Lane, 24- oil rig salesman
Ragan, age 34- bow-tie wearing college professor

Big Brother premieres July 8th

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It will be interesting to see how far Brendan will go in the show if Rachel gets knocked off this week. She’s the cancer bringing them both down. Without her, he’s not a big threat.

I don't like the twist so far--
Hmmm, I know what's gonna happen--Rachel will be booted out first, then Brendan will try to get kicked out next so that he and Rachel can be in the jury house together and alone, so, it will be REAL funny if they keep him out of that house just to piss them off...
UGH! They are starting to get on my nerves! So I just flipped on SYTYCD! Now it's official! I want Robert to WIN!

As for the Saboteur, Ragan is not a good one. The lame choice he made to make Brenchal turn on each other was too dumb. But it did make Rachel look like the saboteur!

One last thing -- Do you think Brendan's plan will work? I'm kinda hoping that it does!
I didn’t think it was possible either, but psychotic redhead Rachel truly hit a new low...not to mention her dingbat boytoy! He’s totally sucking trying to knock down bowling pins in the Veto competition, so what does he do? He chucks his last one overhand at my boy Jeff!

It’s actually quite amazing the way Saboteur 2.0 has turned out to be lamer than the first one (another thing I didn’t think was possible). Stealing Rachel’s hair extensions? Hiding cheese? Seriously? I also dug the way that the Saboteur himself, Ragan, is basically not involved at all in the sabotage. I guess he picks one of several options that have been given to him and then BB creates a video that is most likely not even him (or at most him reciting from a script that was clearly written by producers) that is then shown to the HGs.
The only thing the Saboteur has sabotaged is the quality of this season, which was shaky at best to begin with.
Britney is a much more formidable player than I initially gave her credit for. Some could say that all her wins are at semi-random skill/luck things, but she scored big every time she bowled and she got the pinball in the middle almost every time. As much as I love the Brigade, I would like to see Britney go far.
HAHAHAHAHA! Bye Rachel! And look who's HoH!
I've come to the conclusion that she was a good, interesting competitor, but my sanity takes precedence. My tolerance for annoying people on television was reaching its limit. A person can only take so much strain three nights a week before they get hauled away by burly men in white.

Speaking of being committed, who knows what Rachel's absence will do to poor, emotional Brendon. I half expected him to have a Falling Down-style meltdown in the middle of the HOH competition. But no, he kept his cool. He has a goal now. And congrats! Use it wisely. Punk.
I really don't like the Brigade. Especially Hayden. He sucks! Tied with Matt. I really hope that no one wins from that group.
With Rachel out, I'm hoping we see the other HGs shift their attention toward disbanding this astoundingly inadequate group of people who seemed to have formed a decent alliance. Of course, the other people in the house would have to figure out it exists first…

Here's what the Brigade is doing right: Matt has everyone believing he's in an alliance with Ragan. And I have to admit, they appear to be genuinely friends. (Did I just use a form of the word genuine in a Big Brother post!? Shoot me.) Lane and Britney have a little somethin' somethin' going on. And HAYDEN publicly lost his other half last week. Enzo seems to be the only lone kitty right now. This definitely will hurt him in the future and makes him one of the weaker members of the Brigade. That and he hasn't won a damn thing — nor does he try. He just sits there.
(In my best Rocky and Bullwinkle narrative)--

We learned in this episode that sitting idle is safe thanks to Britney and Ragan's hammock confrontation with Rachel. Ragan called her theatrical and a bad sport, which made her cry and stomp off, making his point. When a gay man calls you theatrical you're either (1) an uber talented person or (2) a drama factory (in a not good way). This being Rachel, she took it (rightfully so) as No. 2.

Ah Rachel--you dug your own grave with a clear, plastic stiletto. No one can deny you played a solid game, but should there be an All-Stars season in the future, I implore you to keep your mind on the game instead of on ''your man.'' I'll think of you every time I see a red crayon, hear a hyena cackle, and see the cover of one of those science-themed porn movies. Best of luck, and thanks for the laughs.




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