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Have any of you had malicious attempts of damage done to your property?

The garage side of my home was egged last Saturday evening by some dumb local teenagers who probably had a grudge against my very popular daughter. Now none of my kids friends are allowed to visit from this day forth. My family has lived in this house for over 30+ years. It is a pretty and quiet residential neighborhood with a low crime rate. I am appalled this happened. The police came over and my sister gave a statement. She even caught the culprits car on camera--clear shot which she will be turning over to the police.

My whole family is enraged and feeling violated.

Other than that incident, I had a really lovely Easter, egg-hunting barbequing and all.

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I'm curious why would none of your kids friends be invited over to the house anymore, they didn't do it

It's not my house. My parents still own it, but they are intending to pass it down to my sister and me when they both pass. My sister has stranger -phobia and is beyond appalled that this disrespect has been done to our house. She ABSOLUTELY doesn't want any teen over from this point on. Her mindset is that nowadays teens are vulnerable to frienemies (friend-enemies- aka haters) which comes with the territory of popularity. My daughter is very well known in our county (Rockland, NY) and the bordering county (Bergen, NJ) and she is usually the ticket in to any party local or outside because she has that certain Alpha girl factor that draws people. She has disassociated herself with certain neighborhood friends at my prompting because they did dumb things (am sure egging houses is just one of them). Without her, they are unable to gain entry to popular parties hence the resentment. I am happy my daughter has a good head on her shoulder so even though she parties a lot she still excels academically. She is in the National Honors Society and had consistently pulled in over a 90 avg since Freshman year...(probably another reason for the resentment because that crew wasn't doing too well in school.) She wants to be a psychiatrist (not something I suggested to her.) I don't want her to be derailed by the wrong crowd so I told her to disassociate herself with the crew she hangs out with. It is this same crew that probably egged the house. (Here is a recent photo of her and my son)

Some one broke in to my unlocked truck once to steal the radio, saw it was the one that came with it, and broke out the passenger side window from inside. Local kids broke three of the windows in my 1970 mustang for a hand full of pennies.

Both of those happen in the 90's. The Thursday before Labor Day 09 got burgled, the addition be hind me has a large number of drug users, dealers.

Doen't freak me out, more locks and some fenching, keeps them out.




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