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This is completely just for laughs.... Do NOT think of posting anything serious or thought provoking here...EVER!






I mean it...... :-)

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I like to shop while leisurely watching late night TV. Excellent products and bargains are to be had. With a little creativity most products can perform better than advertised. For example, when its cleaning day at my humble abode. I wake up refreshed and ready in my Pajama Jeans, no need to change, they are stylish and flexible for the task ahead. I reach in my drawer and remove my freshly cleaned blue colored Snuggie. This is no ordinary Snuggie, it is custom made with the same fabric as the ShamWow and sports the logo of the Dallas Cowboys smartly on the chest and back. Not only can I display my enthusiasm of sports but I am wearing a completely absorbent household cleaning tool. I turn my stereo on and begin to play the song "Dance to the music" by the legendary band Sly and the Family Stone. I begin to twist, turn and gyrate throughout the den of my trailer holding my arms out horizontally but low enough to dust the furniture with my sleeves made of ShamWow. When the chorus begins, I slowly move lower allowing my arms to brush the coffe table removing the spilled beer, peanut shells and cigarette ashes from the night before. This continues through the kitchen and bedrooms of my mobile home, effortlessly I glide around cleaning and dancing. Finally, just as the bridge begins, I spot a puddle on the floor left by my basset hound Clara belle. I just smile and begin my free form break dancing move (spinning on my back) on top of the puddle and .....Voila! ....the floor is clean.
Later, while sipping coffee and relaxing with Clara belle on my trailer's veranda, watering my tomatoes that are flourishing in my Topsy Turvy upside down tomato grower.......I wonder to myself .......is life this good for everyone else? I just smile and say back to myself out loud....of course not.

Aggie, please give Clara bell a scratch behind her ears for me. And maybe a little doggy treat too for putting a smile on  my face. 




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