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I mean it...... :-)

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A mother mouse was taking her large brood for a stroll across the kitchen floor one day when the household cat managed to trap them in a corner.  The children cowered, terrified by this fearsome beast, plaintively crying, "Help, Mother! Save us!  Save us!  We're scared, Mother!"
    Mother Mouse, with the hopeless valor of a parent protecting its children, turned with her teeth bared to the cat, towering huge above them, and suddenly began to bark in a fashion that would have done any Doberman proud.  The startled cat fled in fear for its life.
    As her grateful offspring flocked around her shouting "Oh, Mother, you saved us!" and "Yay!  You scared the cat away!" She turned to them purposefully and declared, "You see how useful it is to know a second language?"
Q:    Why haven't you graduated yet?
A:    Well, Dad, I could have finished years ago, but I wanted my dissertation to rhyme.

This is a wonderful tribute to my little town. 

It was done w/con't film.  No edits. 

The idea man, Rob Bliss, will be on ABC world news tomorrow night.  He done good.

That is very good!!!!! Thank you!!!

* very familiar scenes*

Kooner, You've been almost everywhere. Except West Virginia. (:>)
No kidding?  The world can be sooo small....Smalls!
Great video Jaylee. Not a little town though.

This is way off subject, but Kooner, your thing about being called in to fix a bug when a little off the norm reminded me of my assignment in Italy. While there I was sent tdy to Germany to school on the piece of equipment that sent out the messages to our aircraft on Intelligence missions.

This was also part of the system used to send coded messages to our planes carrying nukes, about whether to go on in or turn back.

You all do remember "Dr. Strangelove" and "Fail Safe". 

There really was such a system.

During the month or so  when training a couple others how to keep the thing working, I was  the only one at that location who had any idea how to repair it.  I was known to hang out at the NCO club after work. There were a few times that the machine would go down during the night and the Flt. Lt. would dispatch someone to the club to get me. Or to my quarters about 12 miles away.

When I got there he would have a big pot of freshly brewed coffee sitting on a table by the equipment.

I was always able to fix it, but sometimes it took a lot of coffee to get me started. I'm not sure who was most relived when I got the other guys trained. Me or the Ops Officer.    

WOW Jaylee! That is awesome!! Are you in it? I gotta figure out which channel ABC is & what time the World News is on tonight, I want to catch him!


Mine is; I went to one of my favorite resturants yesterday. Crabbydaddies on Rayford Road near The Woodlands, TX.  Had a great Crabcake and grilled vegies. After eating I went to the men's room. While in there I noticed a sign by the exit. "If you think you might be pregnant, you should not drink alcoholic beverages. WTF??? It's a men's room.

You guys are funny. 

I saw a man yesterday wearing denim shorts, a madras shirt & silver flip flops.




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