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I've become increasingly less tolerant of people saying things that don't make sense, or that are not based in truth or fact.

It seems to me that sometimes some people simply don't think about what they're saying, and say things that are sorely lacking in logic.

It's one of the few instances which lends me to being sarcastic. Or at least THINKING sarcastically.

Here's an example; it's an AP article I just picked up off of Yahoo news.


ANAHEIM, Calif. – They shared a stage at Disneyland five days a week for nearly three decades and died within a day of each other.

Betty Taylor, who played Slue Foot Sue in Disney's long-running Golden Horseshoe Revue, passed away Saturday — one day after the death of Wally Boag, who played her character's sweetheart, Pecos Bill.

The 91-year-old Taylor died at her home in Washington state, Disneyland announced on its web site. Boag, who was 90, died Friday. He was a resident of Santa Monica, Calif.

The causes of death were not announced and attempts to contact relatives for comment were not immediately successful.

"Betty's role as leading lady in Disneyland's Golden Horseshoe Revue helped turn it into the longest-running stage show in entertainment history," George Kalogridis, the president of Disneyland Resort, said in a statement. `'It is a tragic coincidence that her passing comes just one day after the death of longtime co-star Wally Boag."


"It is a tragic coincidence...." 


Why is it tragic? She was 91, he 90. Does he think their deaths were untimely?? How does he even know it was a coincidence? Maybe they had a strong connection after working together every day for decades & it was no coincidence at all. And even if it is a coincidence, why is it "tragic"? Maybe it's poetic, sweet, logical. Who knows? I don't think that Disneyland Resort President knows. I think he was talking out his.... well. That just gets my goat, that's all.


Do you have examples of this? Of something else that pops your tolerance bubble? Makes you wanna smack someone? 

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That's a fresh one!

Other drivers test my patience.  When you're the first one to come to a four way stop, go ahead and go, don't wave me through. You got there first...and don't forget to use your blinker. 





Ubs... read my "Here's Your Sign" ideas on the previous page about drivers. ;-p

I saw that.  Seems like I've seen an idea someone came up with.  A little dry erase board that you could use to send messages to your fellow drivers.  I like your idea.

I've had a bumper sticker idea floating around my head for quite awhile.  :-)  Top secret stuff though.

Jeez Ubu...do you think we might 'spy' you on the x-press way?

What does it read? 

My personal favorite is:

I may be slow but I am ahead of you.

Heard a news report Friday morning, just as I was  shutting the TV off  to go to work. Seems a headless body was found by a condo complex close to my area. The news person stated at the end of the announcement, the investigators determined foul play wasn't involved! Ahhh.....the guy's head was missing? WTF? 
Hahaha, Craig! Like the head just decided to roll off on its own?

I could tell him where to stick that finger.....Wackado!


My brain and my body have been at odds for a few years now...my brain still thinks it's 25 and my body laughs hysterically on occasion...


I decided to take a shortcut to the boardwalk on Thursday by climbing over a chain link fence. It was only about four feet tall, I could just swing my legs over and be fine...

I was wrong.

The limp should be gone in about 7 to 10 days...

Yeah, there was an episode of "Jersey Shore" where Snooki did something like that too.

Uh, come to think of it, I guess she was actually just rolling around in the sand, too drunk to get up. 

Hey, that's not also the back story to your little "incident" as related above, was it?

I plead the fifth...




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