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I just looked at the weather channel. It is to be 18 degrees tonight in Livingston and 17 tomorrow night.  Could someone explain to me again why I'm going back to Livingston at the end of Feb.?
Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo or the hat lady?
I'm sure hats has something to do with it.
Please say hi to her for me, Robbie and Aggie!  Thank you!
Sure, celebrating Christmas on 2/13/2011.
Say, do you guys have any trouble walking in the snow with those weird, pointy toed boots?
I think the weird pointy hats probably help them balance..
Oh, I hadn't thought about that.
All right.......Ya'll quit dissing our hats and boots down here. You like 'em and you know it...

Are ya stayin' warm?

Heard it was 3 degrees in Dallas this morning??!!

That is not quite right....right now it's 11 degrees, with wind chill at about a minus 2. I'm warm....thanks for asking.
You bad mouthing a certain hat ladies hats?




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