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When referring to these creatures as food, we call fish fish, chicken chicken, goat goat, duck duck, ostrich ostrich, turtle & tortoise turtle & tortoise... why do we call cow beef & hog pork? Why don't we say, "That cow off the grill was great!" or "May I have another helping of that hog roast?"

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A steer is a castrated bull. Bulls are for breeding, steers are for eating. Cows are females.
No, I tend to call them by their individual names, as well, but I was thinking that if I got specific.... mahi-mahi, Coho salmon, Atlantic salmon, Sockeye salmon, grouper, catfish, bass, trout, tilapia, flounder, tuna, albacore, sole, cod, mackerel, tuna, albacore, tongol, halibut, whitefish, herring, snapper, perch, pollock, swordfish; then of course crustaceans - lobster, crab, shrimp - and other shellfish, like clams, mussels, oysters, and scallops - well, I thought I'd get carried away & it would take up too much of my time. So I just said "fish."
Beef is the culinary name for the meat from a cow and pork is the culinary name for meat from a pig. Pork usually refers to fresh meat, but over time it has come to describe processed cuts such as bacon and sausage.
Other animals just don't have a culinary name for their meat.
why not?
I dunno....ask Paula Deen
I think it's discriminatory.
I was born in Georgia 'n raised in Alabama'n all, Cowboy, but that Paula Deen's just too southern for me! ;-p
You ever think she might be just a shade fake???
never managed to listen or look at her long enough to ponder that, Bob. Her hair & makeup & speech are waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy over the top - is that what you mean?
Oh, Yeah.....!!!!
Okay, then yes, I have thought that. '-)
"Oh, you beau-aze."

Uh, that's a Yankee's attempt to imitate Paula Deen sayin' "oh, you boys".




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