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i saw her at the 7-11 yesterday.
whew! thank goodness! I was getting worried about her.

hey, wait a darned minute - she came to the U.S. & made to Texas, but not to Atlanta? I am NOT happy about that! :-P
Well, you know....there's Texas....and then there's everywhere else. ;-D
hmmm... well, I won't go there. '-)
Maybe not right at this time, but.........the Good Book says if you trust in the Lord and obey His commandments, when you die, you will go to Texas!!! ;-D
....and I say that with my tongue sort of planted in my cheek....sort of...
Hadn't heard that. I have heard that when you die it doesn't matter where you're going, you'll have a layover in Atlanta on your way. '-)
hey - I haven't seen Chez OR Pru OR Olivia around... I think they've gone on vacation together w/out us!
I'm wonderin' if they're just makin' up a few extra rooms...in case we get convention stayin' here.

They are off in the sidelines...taking notes....
We've simply scared them into submission...
Don't be fooled. They are LURKING about.....
did I just catch a glimpse of her?




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