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When your pet bird sees you reading the newspaper, does he wonder why you're just sitting there, staring at carpeting?

My parrot reads the paper before me!

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...let us know what his answer is.
No birds here.....two too many cats.
I have a bird, Nicco. He's been around for 18yrs. He loves to eat the newspaper while I'm reading it...same with magazines. He has a peculiar 'thing' about bare feet. His cage serves little purpose, he sleeps on the fridge.
He loves to supervise while I'm cooking....I must share my meal or give him a small offering whether I know if he likes it or not. He loves chicken meat...go figure. And cheese and peas and lettuce. Not so much celery or carrots.
He is a bit like a parasite though....I've learned to do many things with him on my shoulder. When I kept him clipped I would take him for car rides when I went to pick up the kids. He would sit on the steering wheel and skreech when they came out of school.
Now he lives with two kitties and does a fine job keeping them at bay.
I really don't think he was that concerned until he noticed I only read the bird obituary section of the paper.
Birds have wings for a reason.....Mine took a flying hike.......
Don't they return home to roost after a while...sorta like unemployed kids.




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