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What's the most interesting thing you see between your house and the store? 

One of the houses that I pass has a statue of St. Francis in the yard.  Someone has wrapped a large plastic(?) boa constrictor around him and it looks as if it is about to devour him.

Someone really fun or crazy must live there.

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There's nothing interesting between our house and the three nearby grocery stores. Just some strip malls, some pizza places, a catholic school and church, several business malls, our second-most accident-prone intersection and a fire station. Closest thing to a novelty is the property that still hasn't been repaired since a couple of F3 tornadoes blew through here a few years ago. It's what's left of a yellow-brick ranch-style house that looks like a howitzer took it out.

I saw two turkeys take flight from the side of the road and fly over my car.  That was rare.

I once saw a group of vultures dining along the side of a highway entrance.  That was cool.

I was watching the highway outside my work and saw Betty Fords funeral caravan go by.

I've watched Air Force One take off near my house a couple of times.  I wasn't in my car....

I have to start paying more attention to what the idiots around me are doing. Present company excluded of course. I don't care what you are doing.

Someone down below me on the mountain has a bear.  It is in a fenced pen, but I bet it could get out if it wanted to.  The food must be good there.

I wonder what they feed it.  Do a lot of children go missing on that mountain?

Tonight there was a  4 prong buck  running across the street so close to me I could hear the clip clop of its hoofs as it ran in front of my car.  As I watched it leap onto the sidewalk I glanced in the rear view and  saw its buddy cross behind me!

I was seconds away from venison and a totaled Camry.

If you want venison, I understand you can use a shotgun instead of a Camry.

Hahahahaha!  "prolly cheaper in the long run!

Today I saw a police car in a ditch.


Cop was probably texting......

Sure it wasn't a gutter?

It was an inverted hill.

With mud in it.




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