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Food combinations that is. I found out last night that not everyone has heard of pouring a small bag of salted peanuts into a "Big Orange" drink from back in the day. That was a real treat when I was in high school. We had vending machines in my little high school and sometimes peanuts in a Big Orange was dinner......or lunch depending on where you're from.

What other weird food combinations turn you on? I once knew a guy who poured chocolate syrup on his hambuger.

pop corn and mustard?   peanut butter and mayo sandwich?


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Peanut butter and pickles on a saltine!
I miss cottage cheese. I used to eat it with cranberry sauce mixed in. Yum!

Quinn, white bread? You talkin' Wonder here? Yikes!
Haven't heard "Wonderbread" in ages. Do they still make that? :-)
What do they have in France that is like cottage cheese, Chez?
I would miss it, too. I like it with apple sauce, cinnamon and Grape Nuts. It tastes like Danish Apple Cake to me. I also like it on brown bread with Italian herbs sprinkled on top. Ricotta sometimes will do, but the flavor is different and it's not lumpy enough for me. I like the lumps in cottage cheese.
I know this is pretty off the wall, but don't knock it till you try it. Bar-B-Que pork rinds and Reddi Whip.
And people thought my cheese and jelly sandwich was weird. Ha!
That's off the wall for sure Tee Bubba...
I guess I'm just kinda a off the wall guy. ;-0
If you & Quinn ever throw a dinner party together....
if they do I'll bring a peanut butter and blackberry jam sandwich.
My Dad used to eat lunch meat and peanut butter sandwiches with lettuce and mustard. I never acquired the taste.
Cheese and jelly is not far from some sweet n sour appetizers with cream cheese, Quinn.
Bob, your food combos sound normal to me.
Tee Bubba, I'd like to know how the ribs and whipped cream started. A happy accident?
There's something seriously wrong with all these images....:-D
I love a good fried spam sandwich w/mustard...my sister likes it with mayo....yuck!!!




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