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Tell me about the interesting, weird or  usual stuff you have  found in the depths of the inner workings of your favorite sofa/divan/couch.

I'm sure there has been some mighty strange and amusing treasures discovered when you were finally brave enough to reach down deep...!

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teebubbadee, I agree with your theory of cleaning. I buy cheap furniture and if there is the possiblility

that things have found their way under the nooks and crannies it's easier to just throw it away and buy another. I            don't really want to know what, if anything,  might be sprouting under my cushions.

I have found the usual suspects in my own sofa and chairs, but my late wife and I owned and operated an upholstery shop for several years and most all tear downs turned into an adventure. Of course there was always loose change, the most I found in one piece was two dollars in change. Actually i did find a five dollar bill once....that was our profit for the day.
I found jewelry, knives, dried up small animal carcasses, a nest of baby mice once, no adult mice, just the babies which I dismissed post haste, toys, children's and ADULT'S, women's panties a couple times and used and unused condoms.
The most unusal was in a large ottoman that came in with a sofa and chair. On the underside of the top foam cushion was a space carved out in the form of an AK47 or some other short barreled automatic weapon. Would like to have known the story behind that.
I'd like to know the story behind that too. Interesting.
I doubt the people who brought it in were the original owners....older couple, farm people....no telling where it came from...We kept the cushion for awhile just to see if anyone would say anything..finally threw it away.
My couch is doing better than my 401k.
In another life on another couch:
Husband was searching through a display tray of cut rubies...lot's of them. Husband sneezed, sleeping dog leaped up and bumped aforementioned husbands' leg.. Tray of pretty stones went flying...dog went running and husband...well, can't print the language here....
Being the dutiful and calm one....I reached and searched and dug out precious pretties from the couch for days....not all were accounted for....
OMG. What an image you painted with the sneeze and the startled dog. lmao
It was definitely one of those S-- L-- O-- O-- O-- O --M-- O scenes....had to have been there.....:-D


Just checked....nothing interesting 'cept some really old peanuts.  

Miss my bird....he'd think they yummy!

Didn't find any pretties.....different couch.

I found some mystery stuff (crumbs, hair, dust?) but mostly I noticed that one of my slats is broken.  No wonder it has been so uncomfortable lately.

Thanks for making me look Jaylee53.

Wouldn't you know it.  I found five bucks and a credit card.  The credit card belongs to one of the ladies I play BINGO with which probably means the five dollars is hers too.

Jesus, please help me to do the right thing!




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