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Pants, jacket, shirt?  I have .81 and a  grocery receipt in my hoodie and my wallet in my back pocket. What are you packin'?

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Saggy pockets....Who me? Nothing now, but usually money, coupons, or maybe keys.


A piece of palstic bottle cap the dog left on the carpet.

Hey Marti....remember me?   Some darn funny times on TBDv1.

I need quarters....laundry...:-)

56 cents, 2 sets of keys and a washer.
Hi PO...Nice to see you!  Glass/silk...smooth combination.
In the pocket of my winter jacket, I found 4 quarters, 2 pennies and a small pack of kleenex.
1.86  , drivers license , medical card  , 3 rhinestones , and a grocery list my 6 year old grand daughter gave me (it's a keeper lol)
I'm packin' one lousy cough drop!!! LOL
Cell phone

Cell Phone

Car key


A hole... ):




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