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Suggestions anyone?

Right now take-out Chinese sounds good. Except my favorite place doesn't deliver and I don't want to go out. In the heat. And the rain. And the Tornado warning.


Do you like Chinese food?




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Angel hair pasta and spaghetti sauce out the can with plums out of the can.

Last night I was lazy, so we ordered pizza. Still lazy so eating a salad tonight.

I put a couple of pot pies in the microwave.  They're much better when baked in the oven.

Yes they are. They are even better when my DeeBubbaTee makes them from scratch. She's doing this carb thing (minus 20 pounds in one month) so I doubt she will be making me one anytime soon. 

I made several and froze them, so I guess I'll have a left over stuffed red pepper tonight. 

Tomorrow I'm going to try cooking something better than what you're cooking.

I don't know Slim, I doubt that I can top carrot cake and bacon.

Just in case you want to know slim, I'm making cube steak with mushroom gravy tonight.

Baked chicken thigh seasoned with cayenne pepper and roasted garlic, sauteed zuccini with Italian spices, and steamed green beans.

I had a salad and made toast.Afterward we split a cheesecake.

It was a very small cheesecake.  I guess I didn't outdo anyone, but I bet I didn't have as many dishes to wash.

Sunday/Monday....tacos.   Did just fine.

Tonight....'prolly salad.  That'll be just fine too.

I had a nap.  Colin had a football show.

The grandson was over tonight, (and last night too) so I made one of his favorites. Grilled chicken served over tri colored rotini (he likes the orange ones best) with a mushroom alfredo sauce.




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