TBD on Ning

Suggestions anyone?

Right now take-out Chinese sounds good. Except my favorite place doesn't deliver and I don't want to go out. In the heat. And the rain. And the Tornado warning.


Do you like Chinese food?




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His 'bisquits" are fine....just saying..:-D

Hey D's...how's Mr Hotties bisquits?

ummm.... well... 






quite, quite hot.

Why do I think you aren't taking about food???
hahaha!!!! Because you're insightful, Quinn. Very insightful. '-)
Tonights B-B-Q Ribs cooked in the toaster/broiler oven...I rarely if ever use the big oven. We were supposed to cook on the grill, but by the time we got home from Bingo (we only play the early birds) we didn't feel like going to the store for briquettes (our wood piles are wiped out)....Thats OK...I won Bingo (first time ever) & not only that I was Queen & got 5 dollars for each time they called #72 (the # I bingo'd on).....I bought some scratch offs & saving my money to go to the Manatee Festival if I haven't missed it already...Whoo-Hoo.
Nice evening.....some bisquits would have been nice, as well.
sigh.... I wish you'd stop talkin' about bisquits now that Jaylee's defined them. I'm missin' mr. hottie. *sniff*
He's in Vegas this week? I think my boss is there.

No, he was in Vegas last week/week before last. Then Detroit last week. I was gonna ask you if you were in either place. Are you going to the upcoming NY or Chicago shows? If you're going to NY, maybe I can figure out how to get off work & get an inexpensive flight. '-) I think the Chicago show is too close for me to fenagle a trip.


seein' as how this is the "What's for Dinner?" thread... I just sauteed apple, banana & fresh blueberries in a little butter for dessert. mmmmm........ deelish

I understand "missing"....
I ate all the biscuits...No wood in the wood pile, no Biscuits, & I forgot to turn the temp. on the ribs so they sat there till the timer rang w/ no heat on em...Had to start all over..Dinner may be ready by 11:00PM. Thats what Tv dinners are good for...:)
Yup...same w/me and the corned beef...tomorrow will be good eats but tonight it was 1 1/2 dogs.  Not bad actually.




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