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............when you asked those hard to answer questions? Did she tell you to "look it up in your Funk and Wagnalls", ?...ask your father?, ask the kid next door?, ask your teacher?, "Google it"?.What was your source of important information?

Mine was the Lincoln Library of Essential Information. That and a Webster's Dictionary were my only resource books.


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My Mom told me to look it up in the dictionary, or go to the library for the answer, if she could not answer the question.
We had a dictionary at home, but no encyclopedia until I was about 14 years old. Lucky for me, the library was within walking distance in the communities I grew up in.
It was called learning the long way. Either our folks had all the answers, like my father thought he did...or my mom who didn't. Or we had to wait until we were old enough.
I loved the dictionary. I still use the Websters my sister used in high school...circa 1962! In fact I just referred to it for a previous post! I recall actually having a session in grade school on how to use one!
Growing up the Encyclopedia was for those who could afford it. I had to wait to use the one at school and then it was just for what mattered at the time.
When my kids were school age we bought the Britannica...very expensive and heavy and very cool to have IN the house. I would sometimes just pull a volume and read through it. When the time came we had the CD for it!
Nowadays....Mr Google knows everything.
Gawd, I love instant gratification!
I feel so much more smarter.
I like Google too, Jaylee, and for the same reasons!
I became an avid reader as soon as I learned how to read. I have always liked to learn new things and How To books are among my favorites. I could do heart surgery if I could find a service and parts manual.
Mom was cool, she would say let's look it up and she would pull out our World Book Encyclopedia .......

I would also often take a volume into the John, to give me something else to do. If my parents knew this, they would have instructed me to do otherwise ................
Which volume did you take to the John???
Feeds and Feeding by Frank B Morrison
I remember asking my mom about "girl" stuff....she told me to ask my sisters...Like I ever would! I would not have survived that. They had little use for me. I just waited till I could buy "The Joy of Sex"...that was all I needed...:-)
I read that one, I remember it had pictures.
Yup....basic but true.
Plus some rather big words!
I just watched the farm animals...
*I can kill a thread, can't I?*




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