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I was reading one of my texts and it asked the question "After you have passed on, what will you be most remembered for." In other words, what have you contributed. I'm 60 years old and I am having a tough time thinking of any major contributions. How about you?

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I haven't done anything extraordinary either, but those who know and love me will remember that I loved to read, and that I enjoyed having flowers in my yard.

Two very lovely responses from two very lovely ladies.   I will remember you.

My "heaven" exists in how  those I leave  behind remember me.  May it be that I made you smile or guffaw at something I said or wrote.  That I helped you feel special, albeit in some minor fashion.   That maybe they recall that ditzy blonde who had a fondness for the weird/wacky outside of the box humor.

That I found beauty in the most mundane.  That I knew the bird sings out of joy to be alive.

Maybe that in times of anguish I held your hand or put my arm around you...just to let you know you're not alone.

That those who care will know  "I have led a good life".

You shall be remembered Pretty Lady....by all whose lives you have even remotely touched.

Good god, Jaylee, you're making me cry!

She can do that......:=)


prune kolaches

I will always be remembered as the woman who broke that kid's PS3 at the train show.

I will never forget the incident so I'm sure no one else will either.

My kids say they will remember how I read certain stories to them.  The Elephant's Child, for one.

They also fondly recall my witch laugh at Halloween.  

And Cuddle Club.

At work, everyone there is so young, I will probably be remembered as that little old lady staggering around the halls with her walking stick.

I imagine I will join the majority of the human race in that after about 40 years no one will remember me for any reason.

Well....There WAS that time I streaked the local all-girl's high school graduation.

I will be remembered as the one who took care of the animals.




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