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What outfit or article of clothing do you like to see your SO wearing the most?

towel wrapped around his waist!

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A large seal skin parka with fox fur lining, she'd make a cute eskimo ..........
oh ya, and underneath, little panties six inch heels and thigh high stockings
Chaps.....and a smile.....:-D
......;-D ♥
Fanning self. Whew, Jaylee.
Straight jacket.
The Emperor's New Clothe's.
A pair of jeans, a soft, brushed cotton button-down shirt, worn out (meaning not tucked in), and barefooted. In my bedroom. '-)

(d@mn, my heart's going pitter-pat & my breath is catching in my chest just imagining it.... come on 36 hours from now)
Yah, I got to get working on that significant other thing, then I'll answer.
She makes anything look good, seriuously.
But her heart has been unclothed to me for quite sometime now.....and that is what matters the most.
There is however a certain long red shawl of the finest weave I've ever layed hands on. She really enhances that.....;-D
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