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I've been trying to figure out where everyone went after TBD1 and why even those who signed in here don't check in any more.  I know sites like EONS and some others, notably FB, have caught their interest and held it. Why?


Can anyone tell me what is better about FB than here?  I know the format here isn't user-friendly like TBD1 but come on! FB doesn't look any more convivial to me. So why did they stay there instead of here?  I just don't get it. Enlighten me.

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I just want to pop my head in & say kudos to all of us for the thoughtful time & energy we're devoting to this thread. It really shows me that many are invested in the health & well being of our social network here at tbd/Ning, & I'm feeling better & more rejuvenated about my activity here & relationships here than I've felt in many months. It feels really good to me & I think we're somehow getting the shot in the arm we need to get tbd thriving again. Thanks, everybody- I appreciate you. I really do.
To all you who care about TBD....It is a special place....!
I have posted in another thread what my opinion is ...hasn't changed..Although I think we might benefit from a 'sugar daddy'. Not a necessarily a 'man'. Just someone who is IT savvy and willing to dedicate some time to adjusting TBD/Ning so it looks more appealing and someone to win the new 'motto'. It can be done. We are a clever bunch of coconuts and have the collective desire to see TBD continue.
It would be a sad and sorry day if we all fade away and drift off to places not quite what this world was...

Yum! Hershey kisses!

Just sayin'

Don't shout me down. I admit I do not know what I am talking about. In fact I do not even know what "convivial" means. Just rambling.

You're sweet Dot...just thought you'd like to hear that today....
I login to Facebook maybe once a month. TBD1 is much more vibrant and alive than MyAtlantis - you have to be a pod person over there.
too late.
I think the biggest difference also might be the alerts. I can't follow who has replied to a post, because sometimes I forget to look or forget to look back within the discussion and miss their reply.

Now.....as murphy's law has it, it appears that I don't seem to have a problem stumbling on a negative reply, negatives are expected and part of a healthy discussion, but as I stumble through the discussion and just come across the negative it can and "does" change the whole feel of the discussion, input or welcome feeling I may or may not have.

Even with this discussion and how I approached it, this has happened. I feel that I need to explain over and over again that I was "not" trying to damper the collaborative effort, but be a part of and encourage it.

I feel nothing for Robin but respect because of the great enjoyment I had with TBDv1. My questions were not meant to imply differently.
Thanks B A F
Reply by funesthememorious 3 hours ago
I login to Facebook maybe once a month. TBD1 is much more vibrant and alive than MyAtlantis - you have to be a pod person over there.

What's a pod person?
You're gonna make me guess?
O, nevermind. I just looked it up...




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