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I enjoy grocery shopping too! I love the fragrance of fresh vegetables,fruits,the aroma of fresh bread and pastries!
I need some bannas and a ride.
If you guys want to come on over to Pa and do my grocery shopping, feel free to do so ;-)

My favorite pastime would be a tie between reading and listening to music.
Although, playing with my puppy is working it's way to the top of the list...
Love to cook for friends and family! I don't really like to cook when I'm alone.
Providing a better existance for the people and animals I love, turns out, it's a lifelong pursuit, not just a passtime, but it get's my motor running, and that's a good thing to me.
I just love RL talking.....yakking, schmoozing, jawing, BSing, flirting....you name it!

I probably didn't have to tell you all that, tho.
Just the usual things I guess. Cooking, scrubbing floors, doing the laundry, getting groceries, ironing, mowing the lawn and doing the gardening, takin' out the trash, giving my sweetie foot massages and brushing her hair, running her bath, trimming her nails. I don't know Pleasing Eyes.....it's the little things my honey lets me do that makes me happiest :)

(Watch this Gary...lol)
Lately I have seriously loved photography....I spend a good part of each day scoping out an odd angle or something bright and shiny to capture. I think it has taken the place of a lifelong desire to journal which just never got off the ground.
I think I am a bit of a voyeur...I like to lurk there and here....
I have lots of other less glamorous pastimes too....guilty pleasures and the like...:-)
Sometimes when I'm alone, I like to google myself. ;-)

When a bunch of googlers get together is that a google gaggle?
Come on, Robbie, I think it should be more grammatically eloquent... like a gaggle of googles.




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