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In the Everglades? Was it live, TBubba?
A study done by Ohio State estimates that we eat between 1 and 2 pounds of insect parts and rodent filth a year in processed food.
same here
Don't invite me over for supper, Pru. ...just sayin'...
That'll work...
I've eaten alligator and turtle more times than I can count. Venison is routine. Racoon, opposum,nutria,ants, grasshoppers, bees, shark, rattlesnake, chitlins, love tripe and pickled pigs feet...etc.etc.etc. All manner of creatures that dwell in the rivers,swamps, bayous,lakes and seas. Hell I'll eat anything that doesn't eat me first.
Impressive list, OB.

I try to avoid unfamiliar foods, so cactus. In Mexico, at a friend's house, we sat down to a meal of sauteed cactus, beans and tortillas. It was yummy.

Oh, and venison.
Oh, Pru, somebody gave you some that wasn't good - maybe they let it hang too long! (Remember what happened to the pheasant in Shogun?)

It can be lovely. Daddy used to get his deer every year and it was delicious. It's a special treat around the holidays here, on the markets.

This discussion has brought back a childhood memory - a friend of my grandmother's once brought us some bear meat. All I remember is that it was pretty stringy - but so were gram's beef pot roasts.
Chez.....you do realize that roasts are wrapped in string to keep from falling apart while roasting, no ? ? Out of curiosity, exactly what did your portions look like ?
Blade pot roast didn't get fancy treatment. Only the high-class cuts got rolled, I think. Like shoulder. Heh.

All that said, I do love a good falling-apart pot roast.
I'd have to say Brylcreem. How come they never made that stuff mint flavored ?
Frog legs when visiting with KathyArlene in Breaux Bridge, LA. They were very good. :) I've also eaten alligator, snails, and venison. All good. :)




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