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Almost all of them that I post on here.
"How stupid ARE you, anyway?"
Whenever I tried to pull a fast one on my dad he always asked the rhetorical question, "Do I look stupid to you?"
Are you sleeping?
I was going to say "are you dead?" but I guess sleeping works too.
Are you KIDDING me??

The following is when the NY driver begins to channel itself thru me when I'm driving in Atlanta, where you have to have driven to understand just how bad it is....

"Am I in your way, you blankety-blank-blank?!?"

"Where the h#ll are you trying to go?!?"

"WTH are you doing?!?"

"Are you freaking BLIND?!?!"

"Is your turn signal broken??"
"Are you okay?" (this is a 'you have to be there' one, and I'm not going to elaborate further '-)
Can I have a hug?
Is the Pope Catholic?
Yeah, but does he wear a funny hat?




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