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  In the past few months, 8 seperate human feet have washed up on washington state beaches.

Found another one just yesterday not far from here. So far the police have no clue where they are comming from or what is going on. If you were in charge of investigating this, what would you do? Where would you begin your search?

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J Lee S, I enjoying your theories, keep going. What else might it be? What clues might be looked for?
Let's go ahead and bring the story here to save searching for the info.
It's odd that the sneakers were such older models. Athletic shoe makers usually update their line just about every year. One found in late 2008 was a shoe that was made in 1999. That is a pretty old sneaker really. I wonder exactly what kind of condition the sneakers were in and if bears can digest leather. But again, they were all right feet. Hmmm...not sure of the how really, but the who's definitely sound like joggers or people from recreation areas.
Whatever it is, the explanation is probably very sad and violent.

My first thought was that the owners of these feet are the victims of human trafficking, from abroad, since they washed up on the beach.
D.D., I wondered that too but I don't think there is much of that, if any, working the waters around here. But maybe. Did you read anything that indicated how long the various feet had been in the water? I didn't.
There are some saw mills north of Gabriola and Valdez Island at Duke Point. Looks like there are a few communities around there as well. Curious as to how the currents run through that strait.
My first thought was to ask if a teaching hospital was in the area, but only right feet? Creepy!
Yeah Quinn, and still in the shoe?
Someone been snatching de feet from the jaws of victory?
You're on a roll! And maybe I could get a foot on a roll, buttered, to go...
Dot, I can't wait to hear your ideas. Around here, everyone thinks it's some kind of serial killer, but whatever it is, it is certainley weird.
It should be easy to find the victims: just look for a community of people walking around in tight little clockwise circles...




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