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  In the past few months, 8 seperate human feet have washed up on washington state beaches.

Found another one just yesterday not far from here. So far the police have no clue where they are comming from or what is going on. If you were in charge of investigating this, what would you do? Where would you begin your search?

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I'd start by checking out mail order shoe sellers for requests they've had for a half a pair.
Stir, don't you think it's like something from an old detective novel. We need sherlock holmes or someone like him to solve this puzzle.
Well, OBVIOUSLY - The chase is afoot.
SO glad you got that off yer chest, Steve.
wipe your mouth, Snagg; it's dripping w/sarcasm.
Really, what do you think is going on here? A medical school getting rid of spare parts? A canibal society that wont eat the feet of it's victims? A series of mafia hits where they chop of the bodies and throw them in the bay? Use you imagination and tell us all what you come up with.
My first thought was maybe a medical transport vehicle lost a box of amputated feet, but then I read the part about the right feet and the sneakers. I wasn't thinking quite so morbidly until reading a bit more.
From what I have read they all, except for this last one, were in sneakers. Some oceanographer experts also state that the extremities do separate from the body naturally when exposed to water for extended periods of time. This last one was possibly a child's foot as it was very small. I would guess that there was a boating accident or perhaps a plane crash further up north. As this started back in 2008 perhaps it has just taken that amount of time for the parts to start showing up. Or... There is a murderer killing these folks and slowly disposing of the bodies. There seems to be a pattern as they are all right feet and in sneakers, joggers, people at a park? Maybe it is a psycho that is actually torturing people and cutting their feet off and keeping them alive and trying to give cops clues with the feet.
Sooooo, what happened to the left feet??
Exactly. Since there is a pattern it would be hard to believe this is not a criminal situation.
I have heard of people that claim to have two left feet, so maybe they are safe... But this is weird! J Lee!!!




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