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Just an extension of the first  discussion. Besides your character and your morals what you collect over a lifetime also can define you. What have you collected.....music, books, art, furniture...even your clothes can in some ways define a person.

I used to collect knives and belt buckles and belly button lint. A few of the knives and buckles I am sharing with ya'll.

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Every week is hat week for me.
Do I win the prize??
Thank you Ma'am, you're very kind.
Oh Crap, another macular degeneration moment again....and a brain fart to boot...sorry..
I used to collect orange juicers. Then I realized tht I like to eat oranges more than I like to drink orange juice.
Then for a while I collected anvils. But, being in the military and moving frequently that didn't work out too well. I tried collecting wining lottery tickets, but didn't seem to have the necessary aptitude. Next was exotic fish. I kept them in my waterbed. I thought "would you like to see my exotic fish colletion" might get a lot of females to share my waterbed. But I found swordfish, waterbed and sex didn't work too well. So, my latest hobby is collecting real life meetings of peole I have met on line. Is that a definition? Don't know, but it's fun.
I've got a killer collection of those aluminium pot pie tins.

I may need those someday.
I don't know if any of the objects in my life define me, but they can be indicators. I always have a lot of books within reach. I like things that look like animals, so your eye may fall on a critter or two at any given time: frogs holding candles, rabbit holding pencils, blue pottery cat on the hearth. My 'serious' collections are of oriental art and netsukes, many of which are also in animal form.

As I look around, I see that it's a strange eclectic mix, with lots of humor involved, so maybe it does say a lot about me.




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