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do you venture to guess,they are dancing in, that Chez posted a picture of? Switzerland?

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Let's go there!
When? I'm free tomorrow, if the trip is. :)
US Air flight out of Philadelphia tomorrow at 7:15.
Remember--International flights require you to be there 2 hours before flight time...
Went there once going from Spokane to Seattle. Really cute town.
I think it's time for a new pic....something a little less physical....although that dance is ages old.
There is a village in Switzerland named after my family but I don't think they wear lederhosen.
Quinn, I'm here with bells and whistles, where are you anyway? What's the gate number?/b>p style="text-align: left;">

I've got the red carnation in my hat...keep looking
My passport is current...can I come...who's paying!!!
Of course you can come!
I'm taking of Craig, you're on your own....
Fine....I can make friends anywhere so there.
IRL I could just set a destination and get the ticket and go.....I'm like that, willing to take a chance. It's on my bucket list...just so ya know.
Did you just stomp your foot?




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