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Weather used to be the most talked abut subject. Is it still? Maybe now that most of the population lives in urban areas we have other things to talk about. Like television. Or same sex Marrage or; I don't know.

I still pay a lot of attention to the weather. partly because I have an awning on my RV that I like to put out so I can leave the door open, or sit under it to read. It can't withstand very much wind.  So I have to put it up if there is a good chance of a storm hitting.

I'm in Florida now and it is raining but the forcast is for very little wind. So, I have the awning out and the door open.

Where are you? Do you pay much attention to the weather forcast? If so, why. 

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I can watch the weatherman five times a day and still not know what's going to happen.  

My best guess is to look west out the window and dress appropriately.

I have a glassed in 3 season porch.  Short of 32º it's right perfect for watching the weather roll through plus the odd sorts strolling down my avenue.

The weather forecasters are so often wrong, I don't pay them much mind anymore.
I open the back door to gage temperature and wind and proceed accordingly.

I mean some things are a given...I wouldn't plan an outdoor wedding in July...

We live in Atlanta, GA. Ducatiman watches Weatherman Tom Skilling on WGN in Chicago religiously. Seriously, it's like a religious experience for him. He lived in Chicago in the 90's. That was a long time ago. He's quirky. What can I say? I love that about him. So a Chicago weatherman is his before bedtime highlight. I'm ok w/that.

A Chicago weatherman is Dman's before bedtime highlight?? Who you trying to kid!!

I think it was about 2 degrees warmer today.  I think I'll pack-up the parka.

I didn't even need a fleece jacket to walk the dogs today. It has been the mildest winter ever here.

We're always having different kinds of weather here - at last count 45 types.

Well funes, that's three more kinds than we have here.

As I've often stated before, I watch the Weather Channel for the Weather Hotties.  Nothing has changed in that respect.

You have Hotties in Mich at this time of year? I figured they would do the weather report in Overcoats and Mucklucks.

Well, I guess that if you live in that area Overcoacts and Mucklucks are erotic. 

LOL!  Weather Channel, Robbie......we get our weather from their studio in Atlanta!




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