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I had a great new chicken burger for dinner tonight!
No, I am not being paid to market these (although that's a really good idea! '-)
I bought these Murray's Chicken Burgers at the grocery store the other day b/c they were labeled Gluten Free & were Certified Humane in their raising & handling practices.
Honestly, the sound of a "chicken patty" is not appealing to me, but the labeling lured me into buying a package. I cooked them for dinner tonight and decided to try one naked to see how they were. THEY"RE GREAT! Oh, my gosh! Seriously they are DELICIOUS.
Okay, that's all. 
thanks for letting me share... 

...I'll shut up now.

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I had fried brown rice w/egg & chopped Vidalia onion. and then some chips & dip to top it off. w/a cup of coffee, since I skipped coffee to go work out. Now I'm thinking maybe a yogurt.
I'll check my grocer for these. I much prefer chicken to beef, but nothing tops pork!
I've had turkey burgers that I thought were pretty good. Haven't tried chicken ones yet, but sounds like it would be something I would like. Heck, I like almost anything if I can eat it while I'm nekkid.
Ostrich burgers are different....damned buzzard almost tastes like cow.

lol! Cowboy's gonna start a trend of nekkid eating. There'll be all these people (tbd'ers) all over the country (or even the WORLD, counting Chez & the Canadians!) eating nekkid! lol
Eating a chicken burger nekkid just doesn't sound romantic. Just not the same as say chocolate covered strawberries, grapes, chocolate covered cherries, chocolate covered chocolate.......

strawberries rolled in raw sugar... and there's chunks of fresh pineapple.... blindfolded.

oops, did I just type that out loud? sorry- got carried away in a memory there for a minute.

what were we talking about?


Gluten-free, Certified Humanely raised & handled CHICKEN!
Uh huh.....I can see it now. You walk into the bedroom wearing only a lobster bib carrying a plate of gluten-free, certified humanely raised chicken patties. Yeah that would raise the temperature a few notches. LOL
LOL! hey - you should meet me in person before giving up on that possibility! hahaha

(I think I could pull that off w/my guy, at least '-)
Well now that you mention it, there is one woman that i know that could look sexy carrying a plate of turnip greens and beans into the bedroom......a green eyed blonde from the North.
yep. see... it all stems from the heart. Seems there's 2 particular men who have fallen for green-eyed blondes. sigh... we're very lucky women. '-)
And we're two lucky guys.......;-D




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