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Do you think that a lot of the ads on TV send a mean spirited message? Are the ads also becoming more uninhibitedly blatant in their portrayal of sexuality?


Example 1 - There is an ad where two male friends are on a chair lift and one start asking if he can show how his friend's ex really likes him and taunts his buddy with her e-mails until the buddy asks for his I-phone and hurls it off below them. (This ad seems cruel)

Example 2 - Another phone ad where the phone user is at a restaurant and makes the waitress wait until he is done taunting his friend over a bet he made with him. The waitress is standing there suffering this boor while he texts and then finally orders.

Sexuality - We are seeing ad where the bikini bottoms might as well not be covering the shapely derrieres of the various female actors. There are several like that. I am no prude and I can appreciate sexuality for what it is. It seems however that imagery is much much stronger in the last two or three months. I am not complaining:) so much as commenting at the unabashed in your face nature of this.


What do you think? Has you seen or felt these two trends in advertising?

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And under cover of 4 walls & a roof  women were beaten & very little was said. In our family if you were beaten by the man you probably deserved it..women had to fight for their voices to be heard..It was a long struggle for women. You make it sound so simple..it was not.


There are always deviant exceptions. Those are/were anomalies and are in most societies and times. I guess it all comes down to what one thinks about regarding the time. My mom lived through that era and she was no meek person; she reported a far different sense of the times like as I reported above. She graduated from the Univ. of Minn in 1938, homesteaded and had her own 125 acres before she met dad, and sent two daughters (one a doctor of vet med )to college neither of whom had any flack about being women. They all did it with an aplomb and unassuming lack of bother.
Stereotypes are wanna-be's..Those never really existed since no two people are alike. "They all did it with an aplomb and unassuming lack of bother." I would like to hear it in their own words..maybe the words one good woman friend might say to another in strictest confidence, or a sister to a sister, or a mother to a daughter.......There will never be a black & white way of looking at life since we are all so different & oooh ya..the secrets are bursting at the seams of life.
I heard it so many times through years as a boy and never heard a word of such from my sisters. I was prompted to say it cuz mom was always so adamant about it. Anyway we can disagree as we are of opposite perspectives in historical understanding:)


An example would be the white glove test...I know my mother resented it because she used to say to me when I did not dust the tables good enough "I should do the white glove test on you like my mother did to me"...Ah Ha...The tell tell signs everything was not peaches & cream in the old home town back when...:)

Okay, I'm only saying that the discontent rose as the times called for it. The influence of the woman was not diminished; the role was just different. It my opinion that it was generally accepted over all. 1848 was a pivotal year as the Seneca Falls Convention produced the Declaration of Rights with, Stanton, Mott, and I think Anthony was there as well though she'd a been young. Wollstencraft in England helped to spark the convention too. But again, the population was coming off the farms and the advent of the factory system and mass production came on corresponding with the unrest and change of roles. Home production also was starting to go away and the guilds were going too.

I understand Opposite...generally speaking you are right, but there are always those good 10 to 15% or more who dont agree or fit well into the societal mold, & of those who do fit into it, I would say a good # of them keep quiet about their feelings toward bucking tried & true systems.

Take legalizing Marijuana for instance...After all this time the simple herb is still against the law...Jeepers. My own daughter will tell me to keep my mouth shut if I know whats good for me....Haha..."Don't rock the boat Mom".... For heavens sake...Keep it steady...LMAO.

Having a Athiest father set me off on a different track than many of my friends......I suppose I kind of go against the grain, but all through history there were people who fought those (so called) tried & true systems that include many that do not work.

I still think Marijuana should be legalized...I think 50% of my neighborhood smokes it.

This is Q&A...I suppose I had better tone it down...Lol.



"My wish for the American woman is that she may always be an elevating influence—man's inspiration. Let him go forth to duty while she weaves the spell which makes home a paradise to which he may return, ever welcome, whether he is victor or vanquished." --- Rutherford B. Hayes

I dislike commercials.


Thank you Schick Quattro for demonstrating your hedge trimming capabilities.

I'm wondering just how many male enhancement commercials I have to be subjected to during a one hour time period depending upon which channel I am watching.

Or the competing commercials, one of the women wearing bras and wings, and the other where the women are sweating in their plus size bras.

And no.  I am not going to have a "happy" period.  


As to the two trends you are talking about, since I went off topic with my own pet peeves:  yeah, I have seen those trends in advertising.  The sexuality has always been there and the meanness seems to be gaining in popularity.   It's interesting how they disguise the meanness in humor, as though that should make it all right.  That seems to be a trend I see in other venues.  You can be as mean as you like as long as it is funny.


that's how I feel about sarcasm; it's thinly veiled meanness. And it's dishonest. 

I like the term, "Be impeccable with your word," from the book The Four Agreements.

I got off topic. sorry. :-P

We're fortunate to have a dvr. We don't watch anything live.
I like comedy....I like making light of our lives which would be too serious if we didn't find a way to poke fun at the way we perceive each other.....Comedy had always used the down side of things as a way to lighten things  up. I enjoy it as long as it is not meant to inflict pain..I can usually read through the lines.




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