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Got inspired while listening to a radio show talk about various experiences on carnival rides.   It's not easy to describe in words something so visual but it brought back a few memories of my own during my braver days.

Share some of your tales of reckless choices when it came to thrills and spills.

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She's not the sneaky type. If she wants to do something, she'll do it. 

Great pics!!!   What was  playing in the 'phones?

Depends on who drove.

I Love amusment park rides. That is kind of amazing considering an experience I had when I was in grade school. I went on a trip with our neighbors. One night we went to a carnival. They had a Silver Bullet. I wanted to ride it. Since no one else in our group wanted too, I was strapped in with a big fat girl with a severe case of what "Lifeboy" soap comercials called "B,O". As we spun upside down faster and faster she started screaming and peed herself, and me too. After that I never let the ride pair me with anybody that I didn't know.

One time at "King's Dominion" near Richmond, VA my 13 year old son and I rode the "Big Bad Wolf" over 10 times in a row.

The Air Boat ride T wrote about was a blast. I recomend that any one who likes rides do an Air Boat.

It looks like fun, but now that I'm 'of a certain age', I'd probably pee myself on the carousel.


There's only one way to find out for sure Slim.

Come to think of it, sometimes it happens even without the carousel.

Years ago my family went to a park.   Getting all rushed in the chaos that rules these places, I herded my younger sister to some sweet looking , not wooden, roller coaster.   Before she knew what hit her I had her arm in arm heading down the line.   She was soooo nervous but went along. Not to be looked down on by her nephews.

I still remember her saying she had never done a ride like this....etc..   We had a blast...!!

BTW, we were well into our 40's at the time.

Kudos for dragging an old thread back Tim!! Jaylee is not around much any more, but she still drops in on occasion and I'm sure she would approve!!!

that commercial speaks to me.

I never new Jaylee,i've only been here since 12/12/12.




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